December 5th, 2009

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Fandom | Torchwood
Character(s)/Pairing | Captain Jack Harkness & Ianto Jones [John Barrowman/Gareth David-Lloyd]
About | Oh Ianto, i miss you so much =( and now that Series 4 is (almost) official i miss you even more, Torchwood won't be the same. Freebie.


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Seduction Moves (7/17)

Title: Seduction Moves: Seventh Move
Summary: Where John Hart proves he means it, and at least someone believes him.
Characters: Jack Harknerss, Ianto Jones, John Hart, Gwen Cooper
Rating: Overall NC-17 (I think... I'm bad with ratings)
Spoilers: Season 2 and a brief mention of "The Dead Line"
Warnings: See the series introductory post for warnings.
Disclaimer: Torchwood and all the characters belong to Russell T. Davies and the BBC. No copyright infringement intended, although a custody battle seems appropriate after July 2009. No money is being made. I'm not even getting my usual dose of sanity out of this.
Betas: withlightning and shdwfyre37, both of whom deserve a standing ovation for going through this epic with me, and encouraging me when I wanted to throw the towel, and putting up with absolute rewrites, unexpected twists and my mania of giving them misleading summaries (insert evil laughter here).

See the series introductory post for previous chapters.
Chapter 7 over at my LJ
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NCIS/Torchwood Crossover Home.

I have posted the first few parts of this story over at WWOMB so some of you might have seen it before. But I'm finally taking the plunge and sharing it with all of you. If I am to post this right, I'll try and get the next couple of parts up tonight,

Hope you enjoy it.

Author: Glenda
Fandom: NCIS/TW crossover
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, DiNozzo/Gibbs, DiNozzo/Ianto.
Disclaimer: I owe neither NCIS or Torchwood. I'm only doing this for fun. I am not making any money.
Thanks to my beta Cath for pointing out my glaring mistakes, and of the small ones are mine alone.
Notes: There is an MPREG in the history. I still haven't completely decided who will end up with whom. So any suggestions are welcomedl
Summary: Jack gets a call from an old friend and ends up in Washington DC where no one is happy to see him.

Home Part 1
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Family Affair 2/5?

Title: Family Affair 2/5?
Word Count: this chapter 743
Characters: Names are the same… that’s about it!
Rating: PG (so far)
Spoilers: None, completely AU
Disclaimer: Sadly not mine, that whole RTD/BBC thingy.
Beta by: [info]luvinthe88and20
Summary: Widowed Jack Harkness is in need of a kid tamer; enter one Jones, Ianto Jones.

A/N: This was a prompt from the brandy new [info]tw_ficrequests, the request was for IantoPoppins. I have tweaked it just a bit. It’s still a work in progress.
I have never written AU before so if it goes horribly wrong… well its AU.
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Eternal Life

Title: Eternal Life (10/?)
Author: tezgold
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Gwen, Owen, Rhys, Georgina, other characters.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys
Rating: PG15
Spoilers: None that I know about.
Warnings: M/M occasional swearing
Summary: The Torchwood Team clashes with a bloodthirsty, powerful alien who promises his victims Eternal Life.

Master List:

( Chapter Ten )

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