December 25th, 2009

Merry whishes !

 I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thanks to the creative people of LJ 
for giving me such a great time reading all the wonderful fic !!! I'm getting a bit sentimental
because we're having a WHITE CHRISTMAS since 30 years !!!

I sincerely hope that I'll be reading more of your fic in 2010 and keep those amazing
banners and icons coming !!! 

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Fic: Enough

Title: Enough
Author: remuslives23
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1492
Pairings:</i> Jack/Ianto
Summary: For just one day, Ianto pretends that he's enough.
Warnings/Notes: Prompt: lover100 039: soft Spoilers: for 'Out of Time'. Thanks to the lovely, dogsunderfoot for a quick Beta-ing. This turned out much less porny and fluffy than I'd intended and I'm still not quite sure how that happened or even if it worked in the end. Everyone has been very welcoming and supportive as I took my first shaky steps into Torchwood fandom and I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you all for that. It's officially Christmas here so Merry Christmas everyone!
Disclaimer: This fiction is based on characters and situations created and owned by Russel T Davies and the BBC. No money is being made and no offense is intended. Characters are of legal age for sexual situations.

Doctor and Jenny

Now's the Time For Change Interlude 1


Title: Now's the Time For Change 
Characters/Parings: Jack/ Ianto, Gwen, and others (it would ruin the suprise if I said.)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Coe spoilers (major) and 'Deadline' Radio play spoilers.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, or any of it's characters.
A/N: Thanks to tempusdominus10  for being my wonderful beta and britpicker. This is a sequel to I Cannot Live Without You. This fic will be multi-chaptered. I will try to post when I can, but there won't be much of a posting schedule. Also, I just want to say, the interludes don't really have much to do with the actual story (they are based on it though), they're mostly just for fun.

After Coe, Jack wants to spend some time alone with his dead lover. Things don't turn out as he plans. 

The masterlist for this story (and it's prequel, I Cannot Live Without You, as well as the short interlude), can be found here.


Interlude #1: Nightmares of the Future

He was having a nightmare, but his eyes were open. He could hear his coworkers; smell the coffee, and yet he could sense the desperation, and see the pain in his lover’s eyes.

He was there--in his office--but he wasn’t. This was happening, but it wasn’t. He wasn’t dreaming, this wasn’t a dream, it was a living nightmare.

His chest hurt but he knew it wasn’t the poison causing his broken breaths. Although he might wish it to be true, or try to convince himself, it wasn’t the lack of air that had caused his pain… or what was causing it now. It wasn’t physical. Not for him; not yet anyways.

He almost wished it were--he could deal with that any day. And he wanted the darkness to overwhelm him; and finally, it did. But not for long. The darkness never lasted long enough… never lasted…

Absently, he thought he felt his chest implode psychically as everything rushed back again, in and out, and over his head. Just like before. Then, the darkness came.

As he regained consciousness, he realized what he would do. He knew how he’d stop this; it. He knew who he needed. Who he longed for--the right kind of doctor. And he would do anything it took to get his help--to change the future.

You Were Blind But Now You See (Ch.1)
Doctor and Jenny

A cause for maliciousness; new found hope, and a late AU fix-it

Title: Malicious Sympathy 
Spoilers: None, really.
Characters/Parings: Owen, mentions of Janto.
Summary: This is, in a way, a small, EoD coda (drabble) from Owen's POV. 
Disclaimer: I still don't own any of it.
Note: Thanks again to tempusdominus10 . 

I had been wrong...

Title:The Beginning of the End
Spoilers: Cyberwoman
Characters/Parings: Ianto, mentions of Lisa and Jack.
Summary: Kind of a Cyberwoman coda; another small drabble.
Disclaimer: I still don't own any of it.
Note: Thanks again to tempusdominus10 . 

I was lost; gone; taken...

Title:The End Is Just the Beginning
Spoilers: DW: End of Time Part 2, Torchwood: COE
Characters/Parings: Janto, The Tenth Doctor, OC 
Summary: Sometimes, in the endless void of your life , a candle will flicker, and will lead the way--and will bring you back into the light.
Disclaimer: I still don't own any of it.
Note: Thanks again to tempusdominus10 .  Also, I know that 'The End of Time Part 2' aired quite a while ago, but  in truth I really wasn't up to posting it until now.

You will never be alone...