February 14th, 2010

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Fic: A First and Last Time For Everything

Title: A First and Last Time For Everything
Author: remuslives23
Rating: R
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Ianto; mention of team
Word Count: 3680
Summary: Five first times Jack and Ianto shared, and one last time.
Notes/Warnings: Hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day. This is my contribution. Spoilers: All of TW including Series 3 (I may have messed up some timing, but I wouldn't watch it again to check). Sexual situations, language, use of an endearment or two.

Disclaimer: This fiction is based on characters and situations created and owned by Russell T Davies, the BBC and affiliates. No money is being made and no offense is intended. Characters are of legal age for sexual situations.

All Jack/Ianto fanvids (at least on YouTube)

Hey guys,

I have spend night and day on the web to search the whole of YouTube for Janto fanvids and have found plenty of them (747!!!). I hope my collection will be interesting to you ( even if you think, that you have already seen all of them [I am sure you haven't]). ;)

Please have a look at my 4 "All Jack/Ianto fanvids" playlist and follow the fake cut.

(Fake Cut to my journal)

Enjoy. And tell me what you think and if I missed your video.

Cardiff 2135 A.D. 23/55

Title:  Cardiff 2135 A.D - Chapter 23
Word Count: 3,034
Characters: Jack, Ianto, OC
Warnings:  None
Summary:  Jack is running Torchwood Cardiff in the 22nd century. What happens when an alien invasion causes enough damage to threaten that which he holds most dear?

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no infringement on the original copyright owners is intended.

Chapter 23

If you missed the beginning of this story, it can be found here.
No Idea

New to the Company

Title: New to the Company
Parts: 24-27/? & Prologue & Epilogue
Rating: 15 to be safe
Characters: Jack & Ianto, team
Genre: Angst and Comedy
Summary: It’s Ianto Jones first few weeks at Torchwood Three. As he finds his way and hides his secret the team reflect on their beginnings with Torchwood.
Warning: May be some spoilers for the first two series. Angst.
Disclaimer: Not mine unfortunately just borrowing them.
A/N: This if the my Prequel for my Company Series so there may be mention of events you have read of in the rest of my Company Series but you don’t have to have read then to enjoy this story. It is unbeta’d so please forgive any mistakes and all comments are very welcome.

Last Chapter Posted: Part Twenty-Three )
New Chapters:  Part Twenty-Four )  Part Twenty-Five )  ( Part Twenty-Six )  ( Part Twenty-Seven )

Casimir Effect Fundraiser

Happy Valentine's Day!

Please show your love for Gareth and Ianto today by donating to the Casimir Effect Valentine's Day Fundraiser.

Show Gareth how much his fans and the LJ community admire and respect him as an actor, and how we will willingly support him, whatever he chooses to do in his career.

All funds, to be donated in the name of Gareth Fans Unite, will go directly towards production of Casimir Effect, which stars and is being produced by Gareth. http://www.casimireffectfilm.com/

Gareth spoke very passionately about the film at SFX Weekender, and every donations helps to make this project a success.

Just click on the amount you want to donate and hit the "Give" button or go to www.saveiantojones.com. Thanks.


FIC: 'Because I'm really not that desperate, Jack.'

Title: 'Because I'm really not that desperate, Jack.'
Words: 1239
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto
Spoilers up to 2.01 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, everything belongs to the BBC.

Not Valentines Day friendly. I have a massive weakness for fic where Jack has to work to get Ianto back and I've always thought that Ianto gave in way too easy in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ( even though I love the office scene), so here is my version of what went down when Jack asked Ianto out on a date. This is seriously the longest thing I've ever written for any fandom, so I'm feeling really pleased with myself! Also, this is the first time I've written from Jack's POV (for some reason I just find Ianto easier) so concrit would be good.

'I'm sorry Jack, but...no.'
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Turning Point - 18/64

Title: Turning Point
Pairings: budding Jack/Ianto, references to past Ianto/Lisa
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: If I was the one who owned Torchwood, you think I'd admit it now?
Spoilers: Some information and events from s1,2. NONE for s3.
Summary: In the aftermath of Lisa's death, Ianto is struggling to cope - and new surprises don't help matters much. Can his friends on the team at Torchwood help him carry on?

Author's Note: Sequel to Guilt.

Thanks to: My lovely beta cazmalfoy, angelzbabe1989 for idea bouncing, and morbid_sparks for cheerleading even when she doesn't know what happens.

Previous chapters at master list

( Chapter Eighteen )

Comments and concrit are loved!

Win or Lose, 1/1, PG

Title: Win or Lose
Author: doves_wing 
Pairing/Characters: Jack, subtle Jack/Ianto
Genre: Drama, Humor, Angst
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: None, Day Four
Summary: He knew how to make split second decisions, even if he had a bit of time.
Authors Note: For the tw_lucky_7   challenge: Pride. Quote prompt used is at the end of the ficlet. Thanks to pippnfrodo  for all her help. ^_^ Concrit appreciated.

Enter the Vortex...
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Song Drabbles

Title: Song Drabbles
Author: captainkatt 
PG [implied sexytime and some swearrrrs]
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Owen.
Disclaimer: If I owned Torchwood it would be permanently rated 18 and would have never met the likes of RTD.
A/N: I saw a challenge someone had done where you put iTunes on shuffle and write a short drabble for the first 10 songs that come up. The catch: You write each drabble in the time the song is playing. The song ends, you move onto the next drabble.

I hope you all enjoy :) C&C are love and virtual cookies.
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Ianto, He is Coming Back, SaveIantoJones

Mermaid Quay Meet-Up

Hello everyone!  This is just a quick post to let you know about the meet-up at the Shrine on Tuesday, the 16th at 11:00 AM GMT

If you can go you should TOTALLY be there!  It looks to be fun as well as a big moment for the campaign. 
Among other things, we'll be: presenting a plaque to the caretakers at Mermaid Quay.  More info here.
If you can go, please let us know at saveiantojones@aol.com - we're really glad to have you there.

Thanks and have a wonderful holiday.

Crossposted like nobody's business.

We Could Be Heroes 12/30

Title: We Could Be Heroes 12/30
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, John/Nick, Gwen/Rhys
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, John Hart and a cast of (probably!) thousands.
Spoilers: Set after Exit Wounds. Sequel to 'Will My Arms Be Strong Enough?'
Rating: Adult - it's going to get very dark in some places.
Warnings: Slash, language, angst, dark themes.
Summary: Something new comes to light.
Disclaimer: I'm a student. I don't own Torchwood.

The Master List (as it stands) is here:

Fic is here:

Sort of Pterodactyl

Just a dream

Title : Just a dream
Rating : pg
Author : toryia23
Pairing : Jack/Ianto
Warnings : mentions of day four
Summary : Jack has a dream ,Ianto helps him through it
A/N: Well, I never ever thought I would write a torchwood fic again.
Set season 2ish. Well there was no season 3 . This was written quickly
on my ipod so all mistakes are my own.
Disclaimer: I don't own torchwood or jack/ianto.

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Happenstance: Arrivals (20/??)

Happenstance: Arrivals

Rating: R for this chapter (to be safe)

Pairing: Jack/Ianto implied

Spoilers: Through Episode1, Season 2

Summary: Set during and after ‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang’.

A/N: Can be read alone, if you've seen the episode it will make sense.


“Ianto! What the **** is wrong with this tracking system?!”

(Read more...)
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Living On (SA)

Title: Living On
Rating: pg?
Summary: What would Ianto's future have been, if he had lived on, made it to old age? Jack inevitably would have gone again, and leave him behind to grow old alone.
Characters/Pairing: Jack and Ianto
Disclaimer: the characters all belong to RTD and the BBC, etc, I don’t own them
Author’s Notes: AU (ish). Not a very creative title, apologies for that. This is another of my 'what if' pieces, that I seem to keep writing. They’re not exactly cheery, but they let me explore these other possibilities... maybe i’m trying to justify what happened, I don’t know. They’re not exactlycheery/happy/fluffy... sorry.. anyway; comments and concrit etc are lovely if you take the time to read! Thank you!

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Living On