April 2nd, 2010

Fic - Comfort and Confidences

Title: Comfort and Confidences
Author: choccy_grl 
Series: Blood and Roses
Sequel to
Come full circle
Story seven
Characters: Jack, Ianto
Rating: pg-13
Word count: 735
Beta: thrace_adams 
Warnings: After last time – none.
Summary: Things get back on an even keel after the disastrous dinner date that wasn’t.
AN: Posting early because of the holiday weekend.  After last weekends angstfest this one is short and not nearly so angsty.

We Could Be Heroes 28/30

Title: We Could Be Heroes 28/30
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, John/Nick, Gwen/Rhys
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, John Hart and a cast of (probably!) thousands.
Spoilers: Set after Exit Wounds. Sequel to 'Will My Arms Be Strong Enough?'
Rating: Adult - it's going to get very dark in some places.
Warnings: Slash, language, angst, dark themes. Oh, and spoilers for Children of Earth (but don't worry, it goes slightly differently!)
Summary: Jack and Nick find out some of what's happened to John.
Disclaimer: I'm a student. I don't own Torchwood.

The Master List (as it stands) is here:

Fic is here:

The Road To Boeshane Peninsula (2/?)

Title: The Road To Boeshane Peninsula (2/?)
Author: [info]captainkatt 
Rating: PG - NC:17 (PG for this chapter)
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: Alas, Torchwood is not mine. It belongs to the man who doesn't deserve it. Road To ElDorado isn't mine either, I'm just borrowing the concept and lines from the movie.
Characters/Pairings: (in order of appearance) Gwen, Myfanwy, Jack, John, Ianto, Tosh, Owen and Rhys. Jack/Ianto (later chapters)
Summary: Jack & John live on 51st Century Earth and now hold the map to the Boeshane Peninsula. An unexpected trip lands them on an island they never expected to be on and they find themselves in the one place they never expected to find.
A/N: A Torchwood version of The Road to ElDorado! Much love to my wonderful friend that is Miss Jessica ([info]jesshill17061) for working the idea with me and being my beta  :)

Extra note: Is anyone else as excited as I am about Doctor Who coming back today!?

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