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A few weeks back (probably as far back as late March) I was reading a fic at an unholy hour. My computer got attacked by some virus and I lost all my bookmarks. I cannot for the life of me remember who wrote it or even if it was on or LJ.

Anyone read a fic where Jack and Ianto are experiencing time jumps? Ianto jumped to when he and Jack had children, Jack went to when Suzie was still alive. Jack tries to explain to Ianto that the future with children might not happen and Ianto refuses to accept. Then the doctor comes along and explains why this is happening and has to work some Tardis mojo.
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Hey guys, so i really want to read the fics where Ianto gets turnt back into a baby. I remember reading them ages ago, and there was like 12, some where Owen and Jack got changed to, and Tosh... it was like the regenerate series or something, I remember them soooo clearly I just can't remember the author... so if someone knows where i can find them i would be forever in their debt...

Torchwood High - Chapter 11 - part 2

Title: Torchwood High

Chapter: 11 part 2 – Telling all

Author: Iolo1234

Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who

Size: 116,000 + and growing

Pairings: Jack/Ianto mainly but many others

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, (Torchwood). Others from Doctor Who.

Rating: PG - 14

Spoilers: The story weaves through Torchwood from the beginning so there will be spoilers for all series. There are also some references to Doctor Who series. But as this is AU things won’t exactly be the same or turn out the same way.

Warnings: some sexual content including m/m, f/f and m/f

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters as they belong to Russell T Davies and the BBC but I do get to play with them.

Author’s Note: I hope this works. I wanted Lisa to be a bit conflicted about what has happened with Ianto.





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Turning Point - 57/64

Title: Turning Point
Pairings: budding Jack/Ianto, references to past Ianto/Lisa
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: If I was the one who owned Torchwood, you think I'd admit it now?
Spoilers: Some information and events from s1,2. NONE for s3.
Summary: In the aftermath of Lisa's death, Ianto is struggling to cope - and new surprises don't help matters much. Can his friends on the team at Torchwood help him carry on?

Author's Note: Sequel to Guilt.

Thanks to: My beta cazmalfoy, angelzbabe1989 for idea bouncing, and morbid_sparks for cheerleading even when she doesn'tdidn't know what happens.

Previous chapters at master list

( Chapter Fifty-Seven )

Comments and concrit are loved!
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Fanfic - Counting Stars [Torchwood: Jack/Ianto]

Title: Counting Stars
Author: soera
Rating(s): NC-17 (barely)
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto (primary), background Gwen/Rhys and Owen/Tosh
Warning(s): Spoilers for all seasons (CoE largely ignored, though some factoids borrowed)
Summary: His arm wasn’t broken.

It was a ridiculous first thought to have upon waking up, but he found himself rather astonished at the fact. He’d been fully expecting to find himself with a broken arm (leg, ribs, skull) the moment he’d seen the counter tick to zero. Well, to be perfectly frank, he hadn’t expected to live through the explosion, but still.

Author's Notes: Detailed summary in Part 1.
Counting Stars: Part 16

Comments disabled for this post, since I’d like to keep all comments on the fic post itself.

Cross-posted to torch_wood, jackxianto and torchwood_fic. Apologies to those getting this multiple times!
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Take the Ianto and Run! 2/7

Title: Take the Ianto and Run! 2/7
Authors: rootesie sunwee nos_tylluan t_mystery01 chironsgirl
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~33,000 (divided into 7 chapters, each approx 4,500 – 5,000 words)
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, others will be listed in specific chapters.
Warnings: May contain purple prose, excruciating euphemisms and dreadful dialogue. If it doesn't make you cringe or laugh then we haven't done our jobs properly. The authors will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained by readers falling off chairs or choking on food and drink! For the rest of the warnings for this chapter, highlight to see: Jack!death, mpreg
Genre: bad!fic, crack!fic, smut.
Summary: Ianto is sexually irresistible; it's something Jack's always known, but now everybody else seems to as well. However will they make it past the lust-crazed shoppers of Cardiff and back to the relative safety of the Hub, without Jack giving in to the urge to shag him senseless?
Authors' Note: This piece of filth is a follow up to the stinkingly awful bad!fic porn challenges, Bad to the Boner! and Rub in the Hub, and takes place later that day.
Previous chapters: One
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Fic: Who Framed Ianto Harkness-Jones

Title: Who Framed Ianto Harkness-Jones 
Author: Caz251
Beta:  janiemc – who is simply amazing. Thank you so much.
Prompt: Who Framed Roger Rabbit done with a Torchwood Twist.
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Owen, Tosh, Rhys, PC Andy, The Doctor (John Smith), The Master (Harold Saxon), John Hart, and with mention of Suzie, Donna, Martha, Rose and Myfanwy.
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, one-sided John/Jack, Doctor (John Smith)/Master (Harold Saxon), Owen/Tosh, mentions of past Rhys/Gwen, Gwen/Others
Rating: pg-15
Warnings: slash, het, character death, cross-dressing, mild language, mild innuendo
Spoilers: Major plot spoilers for the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit and general character spoilers for TV shows Torchwood and Doctor Who.
Artist (cover): Caz251
Word Count: 17001
Disclaimer: I do not own Who Framed Roger Rabbit it belongs to Touchstone Pictures. Neither do I own Torchwood or Doctor Who, both of which belong to the BBC.
Summary: When a man is shot dead after being captured in some semi-intimate pictures with Jack Harkness-Jones Ianto Harkness-Jones becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation.
AN: This fic is written for reel_torchwood and is based on the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit written so as to give the story a Torchwood twist.

PDF File can be found here
Or Here at my livejournal
Or Fic can also be found at via my profile 
Art for this fic can be found here