August 8th, 2010

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Fic: Falling Through Fire

Title: Falling Through Fire

Author: remuslives23 

Rating: M

Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto

Word Count: 1252

Summary: Jack's back catalogue is impressive and more than a little intimidating. It has, however, allowed Jack to hone his skills so that he knows exactly how to make a body burn.

Notes: Inspired by heddychaa 's and lyryk 's recent poetry inspired fics. Read them. They are beautiful. Thanks to dogsunderfoot  for the quick beta. lover100  prompt 090 : afterglow

Warnings: Sexual references.


Fic- The Captain and the Boy 21/65

Title: The Captain and The Boy 21/65

Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Others, Ianto/Others

Ratings: Adult – graphic sex and some violence throughout

Spoilers: General spoilers for first 2 series

Summary: An AU version of Jack, Ianto and Torchwood. Some pre-series.

Disclaimers: I own nothing.

Notes: With thanks to oncomingscone and rowanheart24 for their glorious help! Comments make me write more. I hope you enjoy this. I’ve been working on this story for nearly a year and it’s finally finished. I’ve very proud of it and I hope it’s good enough for my lovely readers! This is a finished series and won’t be abandoned. I’m planning to post a chapter a day (at roughly the same time) until it’s finished.
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The Object: Second Threat

Title: The Object: Second Threat
Parts: 26-29/35
Rating: 15 just to be safe
Characters: Jack, Ianto & Team
Genre: Angst, Thriller
Summary: Time has passed but the events surrounding the Object Alarm aren’t over yet.
Warning: Spoilers for Series 1 & 2. Mentions of an M/M sexual relationship and M/M kissing.
Disclaimer: Not mine unfortunately just borrowing them.
AN: This is the second half of the story I began in The Object: First Warning. It is set in my Company Series Universe although you don’t have to read it or the Company Series to enjoy this story. It is unbeta’d so please forgive any mistakes and all comments are very welcome.

Last Chapter Posted: Part Twenty-Five )
New Chapters:  
Part Twenty-Six )  ( Part Twenty-Seven )  ( Part Twenty-Eight )  ( Part Twenty-Nine )
Tosh Smiles

Fic: Love in Any Language

Title: Love in Any Language
Author: alt_universe_me
Rating: NC-17
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto
Wordcount: ~700 words
Contains: More fluff than a box of kittens. From fluffville. Also some angst.
Spoilers: nope
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, it mostly belongs to the BBC. Poetry excerpts belong to Pablo Neruda
Summary: Ianto wants to know what Jack is reading. And then they done sex.
A/N: Inspired by the AWESOME PORNETRY MEME and works from [info]heddychaa. Pornetry (TM) term by [info]azn_jack_fiend. Also inspired by the talented and varied works of
[info]cen_sceal, [info]lyryk, [info]remuslives23 and [info]solsticezero. Wow, I hope I didn't forget anybody :)
Sad Kurt

Pieces Of Me

Title: Pieces Of Me
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Summary: Jack's called to war, when he comes back home everything's changed; Does the memories he can't leave behind of the war ruin his chances of starting a family with the man he loves?
A/N: Based on something me and my friend were doing, mentions of Male Pregnancy.

Previous Chapters || New: Chapter 3

Christopher Hitchens

Torchwood S4...discussion

And here I didn't think I could seriously be any angrier at RTD after the out of character tripe we got with CoE, he has to open his mouth about the new season and piss me off beyond belief.

I'm fair sure most people here have already read this but I'll put it under a cut in the unlikely event anyone is actually waiting for the next season of Torchwood and doesn't want to be spoiled.

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The Warmth within

Title: The warmth within...
Author: zazajb
Rating: PG-13, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto
Spoilers – none that I’m aware of - set during TW S2
Summary: Jack and Ianto shelter from the rain after an encounter with a dragonfly. 560 words

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time

X-posted Jantolution & jackxianto

A/N I was working on my TW BB story when one line I typed sent this into my brain and it refused to go away until I pinned it to the keyboard!


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TW America Last Chapters + Master List

Ch19, Ch20, Ch21, Ch22, Ch23, Epilogue


Title: Torchwood America
Rating: M/R
Genre: slash, romance, drama, angst (bit of humor)

Full Summary: Five years post "Children of Earth". Torchwood, several years back, went global. One based in North America is about to change. A former Torchwood Cardiff employee, though to be dead for years, is transferred there. They all have to adapt to the new situation. Two people, ravaged by life and personal tragedies, begin a romantic relationship. However, there is danger. Someone wants Jason Monroe out of the way. There is a conspiracy afoot. The American team is eventually forced to work with other Cardiff employees as they attempt to stop a madman from destroying everything. Along the way they all learn some horrible truths about manipulation, love and trust. And three individuals learn the hard way that the path to true love is littered with hardships and doesn't always have a happy ending.


Master List:

Ch0, Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, Ch4a, Ch4b, Ch5a, Ch5b, Ch6a, Ch6b, Ch7a, Ch7b, Ch8a, Ch8b, Ch9a, Ch9b, Ch10a, Ch10b, Ch11, Interlude1, Interlude2, Ch12a, Ch12b, Ch13a, Ch13b, Ch14, Ch15, Ch16, Ch17, Ch18, Ch19, Ch20, Ch21, Ch22, Ch23, Epilogue
You're Mine

When Everything Changed - Chapter 1/20

Title: When Everything Changed – A Torchwood/Dr. Who/Sarah Jane Adventures Crossover
Author: tonjavmoore
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Eleven and Amy Pond, and a lot of people from the Whoniverse at large
Rating: PG
Word Count: Total: 31,520; Chapter 1: 2,107
Spoilers: This assumes that you are familiar with the broadcast of the five days of Children of Earth. Otherwise, you’ll be a bit lost. This is a timey-wimey fixit, that takes up action partway through Day 3.
Disclaimer: Torchwood, Dr. Who, and Sarah Jane Adventures all belong to the BBC and RTD. Sadly.
Betas: Thanks to midlist_writer and welsh_scotsman. Also, for my friend Alexandria Cameron who put up with my squeals and tantrums when it just wouldn’t get out through my fingers the way I wanted it to.

Summary: When the Shadow Architects find a paradox that is destroying the Universe, can the Eleventh Doctor find a way to restore Jack’s timeline to what it should have been?

A/N: Everyone has a fixit in them – this is mine.

Chapter 1

The Story of Ianto Jones 2/?

Title: The Story of Ianto Jones
Rating: Probably NC-17.
Summary: AU. When Ianto Jones was six years old he was chased by wolves while playing in the forest near his home. One of them attacked. A month later Ianto is certain that the wolves have come for him again. His parent's brush it off as child's imagination. The morning after is one Ianto will never forget. Now he must live his life in Torchwood trying to resist his temptations and the things he craves while keeping all of his secrets. Will he cope?
Warnings: Werewolf!Ianto, Dark, Blood, Slash, AU... more? Well, I'll let you know.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this story except for way too active imagination. I'm not RTD or am in anyway associated with the making of Torchwood, if I was a certain series would have gone a lot differently and there would be less of some things and more of others ^^

Chapter rating: PG-13? Higher?

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