September 6th, 2010

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Hitting the Ground Running: Chapter Thirty-Two

Title: Hitting the Ground Running

Fandom: Torchwood

Rating: Adult

Pairing: Primarily Jack/Ianto, with other secondary pairings mentioned

Chapter: 32/?

Word Count: 3096

Summary: AU. Majorly AU. Ianto Jones first encountered Torchwood as a teenager trying to leave his old life behind. However, when Torchwood Three gets rather violently restructured at the start of the millennium, he’s got a new assignment in Cardiff. The only thing he wasn’t prepared for was his new boss.

Chapter Thirty-Two
Ianto - Button Nose

Fic: Schmoop Bingo B1 – Cloud Watching

Title: Ice Cream Castles in the Air
Author: buttononthetop 
Rating: PG
Summary: schmoop_bingo Prompt B1 – Cloud Watching
Pairings: Jack/Ianto
Warnings: Nope
Spoilers: None (in accordance with Schmoop Law Section 27 Paragraph A Subparagraph 1 – the entire team is alive – really alive – so nothing from Reset on ever happened)
Author’s Notes: Schmoop! Thanks as always to my amazing beta and wonderful friend thrace_adams for all the help and support; any mistakes are mine!  Please don't post/link/tweet/share/etc. on another site.  I appreciate your consideration for my wishes. 
Disclaimer: Torchwood and all its wonderfulness belong to the Mighty Beeb and He Who Must Not Be Named. No infringement, only worship intended!

The Hand of Destiny (Part Eight)

Rating: Will be NC-17 for series.

Word Count: 1930

Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto; unrequited Alice/Ianto (Alanto? Ianice?) Rhiannon/Johnny ; Stephen;

Spoilers: None. This is AU although there will be brief references to canon events. 

Warnings: AU. There is no Torchwood, there are no aliens, Jack is not immortal.

Summary: Totally AU. When Jack meets Ianto it may cost him everything he loves. 

A/N: I think I've changed the settings on my account so you shouldn't be able to tick the boxes to cross post comments to Facebook and Twitter but in case it hasn't worked I would like to ask people please not to repost anything on my journal to anywhere else on the internet. The only other place my fanfics appear is on FF.Net. If my fics start appearing on Facebook and Twitter I will have to lock my journal or delete my account, something I really don't want to do. Thanks guys :-)

Previous Parts Here

Part Eight

Fic- The Captain and the Boy 50/65

Title: The Captain and The Boy 50/65

Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Others, Ianto/Others

Ratings: Adult – graphic sex and some violence throughout

Spoilers: General spoilers for first 2 series

Summary: An AU version of Jack, Ianto and Torchwood. Some pre-series.

Disclaimers: I own nothing.

Notes: With thanks to oncomingscone and rowanheart24 for their glorious help! Comments make me write more. I hope you enjoy this. I’ve been working on this story for nearly a year and it’s finally finished. I’ve very proud of it and I hope it’s good enough for my lovely readers! This is a finished series and won’t be abandoned. I’m planning to post a chapter a day (at roughly the same time) until it’s finished. I’m sorry this is kind of late today. Still recovering from my weekend in Cardiff!
Myfanwy 2

Ways of Light and Darkness - Chapter Nineteen (19 of ?)

Title: Ways of Light and Darkness - Chapter Nineteen
Author: milady_dragon 
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Rhys; one-sided Lisa/Ianto; past Master John (Doctor)/Rose; other canon pairings.
Warning: Fantasy Violence, horror, angst
Spoilers:  Some could be for Torchwood S1 "Cyberwoman"; "Countrycide", "They Keep Killing Suzie"; Doctor Who S1 "Bad Wolf" and "Parting of the Ways", S2 "Army of Darkness" and "Doomsday"; and S3 "Utopia";"Sound of Drums", "Last of the Time Lords" and possibly other episodes, although they have been warped into a fantasy setting.
Disclaimer: I don't own either Torchwood or Doctor Who, although I wish I did....
Author's note:  This is the sequel to The Immortality of the Deathless, the chapter list to be found here.   It's Torchwood and Doctor Who twisted into a fantasy setting, where everything that could be considered alien is actually magical.

Summary:  When mercenary Captain Jack Harkness vanishes while on a mission, Wizard Ianto Jones has to choose between his lover, his duty...and quite possibly his destiny.

Chapter Nineteen
They're THIS big!

Fic: Rosa Mystica (Prologue - Chapter 4)

Title: Rosa Mystica
Written by: dancingbarefoot
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Beta: None but if anyone’s interested let me know.
Rating: PG up to R, we’ll see as it goes.
Warning: Death, Angst, Violence
A/N: I’m a Romanov and Royalty buff and so decided to mix that with Torchwood and here we go.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. No copyright infringement is intended and the real folks in this own themselves.

Ch 1:
Ch 2:
Ch 3:
Ch 4:
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