October 20th, 2010

Heart and Soul Chapters 14 and 15

Heart and Soul.

Author: evalentine99
Rating: Mature 16+
Genre: Angst Romance Adventure.
Pairings. Jack and Ianto.
Alternate Time Line.
Work in Progress.


Torchwood- Copyright BBC.  This Fanfiction has been created for enjoyment and is not for profit.

Set at return of Jack Harkness at end of Dr Who episode “Last of the Time Lords and Just before beginning of Torchwood Series Two.

Summary: Jack has returned from his time with the Doctor. In his absence Ianto has disappeared. An investigation has uncovered a single powerful dose of Retcon is missing. What will happen when Jack returns and finds Ianto is missing?

Chapter 1 evalentine99.livejournal.com/1493.html#cutid1

Chapter 14 evalentine99.livejournal.com/6283.html#cutid1

Chapter 15 evalentine99.livejournal.com/6525.html#cutid1
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It Gets Better

Title: It Gets Better
Characters: Jack, Ianto
Ratings: PG
Warnings: Bit of angst
Disclaimer: I don't own these boys. If I did they would still be on our screens showing us the hope of a better future.
Summary: Jack may have been around for a long time but there are some things he just can't understand about the 21st Century.
Authors Notes: For Spirit Day http://www.noh8campaign.com/article/wear-purple-today-to-support-spiritday
never give up

In Sickness and in Health (30/40)

Title: In Sickness and in Health

Author: welsh_scotsman

Beta: royalladyemma

Author’s note Once again, thanks to royalladyemma for continous hand holding. If you’re new, start at chapter one, they’re all hyperlinked

Summary: Ianto looks after everyone, but who looks after him?

Pairing: Janto

Spoilers: None

Warning: Occasional language, references to child abuse

Rating: 15

http://welsh-scotsman.livejournal.com/6120.html chapter one


http://welsh-scotsman.livejournal.com/21718.html#cutid1 chapter 30

Stark; Raving Mad

Title: Stark; Raving Mad
Rating: T/ PG-13
Warnings: non-death, occasionally gory imagery, SLASH, un-beta'd 
Genre: Romantic Comedy with a dash of Friendship Speeches
Pairing: Janto
Word Count: 3,550-ish

Summary: Jack Harkness is a one-hit-wonder Science Fiction/Horror novelist that has met his writer’s block. Ianto Jones is his new psychosomatic, ocd, editor-who just happens to be completely afraid of the dark. Pre-slash ensues (for the moment)]

Summary for Chapter: Ianto Jones gets a new job editing for Jack Harkness, who just doesn't want him, flirty hazing ensues.

Collapse )

This is my first post ever, so don't be too harsh, please

Making passes at men who wear glasses - part 2

Title: Making passes at men who wear glasses – part 2

Author:  iolo1234 

Fandom: Torchwood

Words: 1750

Pairings: Jack/Ianto

Rating: NC-17 ish

Spoilers: None

Warnings: some sexual content suggested of an m/m nature and Owen’s colourful language

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters as they belong to Russell T Davies and the BBC but I do get to play with them.

Notes: Some people asked about a sequel so this is what my brain came up with. Again there is no real plot.  

Part 2 can be found here
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Hitting the Ground Running: Chapter Forty-Three

Title: Hitting the Ground Running

Fandom: Torchwood

Rating: Adult

Pairing: Primarily Jack/Ianto, with other secondary pairings mentioned

Chapter: 43/47(?)

Word Count: 2686

Summary: AU. Majorly AU. Ianto Jones first encountered Torchwood as a teenager trying to leave his old life behind. However, when Torchwood Three gets rather violently restructured at the start of the millennium, he’s got a new assignment in Cardiff. The only thing he wasn’t prepared for was his new boss.

Chapter Forty-Three

Dear Mr Jones (part four/?)

Title: Dear Mr Jones.
Rating: pg?
Summary: AU. A correspondence between a certain Ianto Jones and Captain Jack Harkness: Ianto Jones, who is a personal assistant to a busy lawyer and Jack who is self employed. Initially hostile, Ianto warms to his mysterious email correspondent.
Characters/Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Disclaimer: the characters all belong to RTD and the BBC, etc, I don’t own them
Author’s Notes: Another of those fics I started ages ago, and finally finished. I rather enjoyed writing this one! Not sure of the best way to post this, so bear with me....
Just a note to say this is my new writing journal, I used to post under sophie-03 (sophie-03.livejournal.com) where most of my writing still is, but I'm slowly transferring it to here/moving here, to seperate my writing from other stuff.
Sorry about the delay - been trying to finish essays, which I've finally done, so in celebration have a post! :)

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Part Four
TW Tosh is shocked

Burning Up

Title: Burning Up
Author: usakiwigirl
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Tosh, Gwen, brief mention of Owen, Banana
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4500, give or take 50 or so
Genre: Umm, more PWP I guess
Summary: Tosh and Gwen see more than they bargained for
Warnings: Voyeurism
Beta: None
Disclaimer: All characters belong to the BBC and RTD
Note: This is a companion fic to Fever. Everyone wanted to see it from this angle. If you haven’t read it then this might not make much sense. You should probably clicky on that link first!

Burning Up