October 21st, 2010

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Fanfic - Sixty Minutes An Hour 2/4 [Torchwood: Jack/Ianto]

Title: Sixty Minutes An Hour
Author: soera
Rating(s): NC-17 overall
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jack/Ianto, Team
Summary: In which Ianto falls through the Rift and finds himself two centuries in his future – 1996. Now he has to adapt to modern life, including formal schooling, cars, new laws, and one Jack Harkness.
Warning(s): Alternate canon. Allusions to kink (non-explicit). Spoilers for S1-2 of Torchwood (and minor mentions of CoE-related character histories)
Author's Notes: If the summary wasn’t clear enough – this is an AC fic in which Ianto’s actually from the past, and fell through the Rift into the present time. Ianto grows up familiar with Jack and Torchwood, though he doesn’t work for them. And things go from there…

Sixty Minutes An Hour: Part Two

You people are AMAZING. I got so many comments on the first part (well, it was a lot for me) that I was inspired to clean this one up and post it way earlier than I’d first planned. Enjoy, and thank you to everyone who reviewed the first part!

Comments disabled for this post, since I’d like to keep all comments on the fic post itself.

Cross-posted to torch_wood, jackxianto and torchwood_fic. Apologies to those getting this multiple times!
You're Mine

When Everything Changed - Chapters 17 and 18/20

Title: When Everything Changed – A Torchwood/Dr. Who/Sarah Jane Adventures Crossover
Author: tonjavmoore
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Eleven and Amy Pond, and a lot of people from the Whoniverse at large
Rating: PG
Word Count: Total: 32,741; Chapter 17: 1,852 Chapter 18: 1,394
Spoilers: This assumes that you are familiar the five days of Children of Earth. Otherwise, you’ll be a bit lost. This is a timey-wimey fixit that takes up action partway through Day 3.
Disclaimer: Torchwood, Dr. Who, and Sarah Jane Adventures all belong to the BBC and RTD. Sadly.
Betas: Thanks to midlist_writer and welsh_scotsman on Live Journal. Also, to my friend Alexandria Cameron who put up with my squeals and tantrums when it just wouldn’t get out through my fingers the way I wanted it to.

Dedication: This is for my good friend and the best roommate anyone could have ever the pleasure of having, Susan Garrett. She was taken from us by cancer and the world is not as bright as it was before she left.

Summary: When the Shadow Architects find a paradox that is destroying the Universe, can the Eleventh Doctor find a way to restore Jack’s timeline to what it should have been?

I have disabled comments on Live Journal. Please comment at my Dreamwidth account. I love comments. They are cookies for my soul. You don’t have to have an account to comment there.

Story starts here:
Chapter 1

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Forever Autumn

Title: Forever Autumn 12/27
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, John/Nick,
Characters: Jack, Ianto, John Hart, Nick Jones, and a cast of (probably!) thousands.
Spoilers: Set after Exit Wounds. Sequel to 'We Could Be Heroes'
Rating: Adult - it's going to get very dark in some places.
Warnings: Slash, language, angst, dark themes.
Summary: The boys begin the honeymoon of their lives!
Disclaimer: I'm a student. I don't own Torchwood.

The Master List is here:

Fic is here:


Title: Don't
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: Mature
Warning: Violence/angst
Spoilers: Year that never was

A/N: Hi, I'm not back. LOL! I have a bit of writer's block and needed to bust through it. I thought a quick shot of Jack/Ianto would help. Just a tiny fic. I hope you enjoy!

Myfanwy 2

Ways of Light and Darkness - Chapter Thirty-One (31/?)

Title: Ways of Light and Darkness - Chapter Thirty-One
Author: milady_dragon 
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Rhys; one-sided Lisa/Ianto; past Master John (Doctor)/Rose; other canon pairings.
Warning: Fantasy Violence, horror, angst
Spoilers:  Some could be for Torchwood S1 "Cyberwoman"; "Countrycide", "They Keep Killing Suzie"; Doctor Who S1 "Bad Wolf" and "Parting of the Ways", S2 "Army of Darkness" and "Doomsday"; and S3 "Utopia";"Sound of Drums", "Last of the Time Lords" and possibly other episodes, although they have been warped into a fantasy setting.
Disclaimer: I don't own either Torchwood or Doctor Who, although I wish I did....
Author's note:  This is the sequel to The Immortality of the Deathless, the chapter list to be found here.   It's Torchwood and Doctor Who twisted into a fantasy setting, where everything that could be considered alien is actually magical.

Summary:  When mercenary Captain Jack Harkness vanishes while on a mission, Wizard Ianto Jones has to choose between his lover, his duty...and quite possibly his destiny.

Chapter Thirty-One

Stark; Raving Mad, Chapter 2

Title: Stark; Raving Mad
Rating: T/Pg-13
Pairing: Janto
Word Count: just over 3000
Warnings: non-death, occasionally gory imagery, un-beta’d
Genre: Romantic Comedy with a dash of Friendship Speeches

Summary: Jack Harkness is a one-hit-wonder Science Fiction/Horror novelist that has met his writer’s block. Ianto Jones is his new psychosomatic, OCD, editor-who just happens to be completely afraid of the dark. Pre-slash ensues (for the moment)

Summary for Chapter: Ianto hasn’t given up yet, he will be Jack Harkness’ editor, even if he has to be hung from the ceiling to get it.


edit: posted a different link. Sorry y'all...maybe copy paste into the address bar if clicking doesn't work? if the link still doesn't work even then...I'll try something else as well.

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A Blip In Time.

Title:  A Blip In Time
Characters:  Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Stella
Rating: PG
Spoilers: DeadLine....  yep.
Disclaimers... are included.
Summary:  DeadLine from Jack's POV.   I think it may be a little rushed. though... and i apologize for that.

I still have problems writing Jack.  Thinking that I need to write one from Ianto's POV again ... to redeem myself from this pile o cach. 

ok... as usual... comments are like oxygen.

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