November 14th, 2010

TW Ianto Jones is smokin' hot


Title: Tease
Author: usakiwigirl
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, mention of Ianto/Lisa
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4766
Genre: PWP
Summary: Ianto decides to thank Jack for his attention
Warnings: None, I don’t think
Beta: None
Disclaimer: All characters belong to the BBC and RTD
Note: This follows on, sort of, from Tension. It kind of grew to be a bit more than I expected, but it’s still just pure… smut. Just for fun, really. The words I chose to use this time were (feather, straddle, blindfold, nipples). I think I got them all in at some point.

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Fic: Five Questions Ianto Asked Jack in the Afterglow, and One He Didn’t Have To

Title: Five Questions Ianto Asked Jack in the Afterglow, and One He Didn’t Have To
Author: [info]alt_universe_me
Rating: R
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto
Wordcount: ~1,350 words
Contains: references to sex and mild bondage
Spoilers: nope
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood.
Summary: “Is it always like that?”
A/N: Thanks so much to [info]jolinarjackson for the beta!
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Ways of Light and Darkness - Chapter Thirty-Five (35/40)

Title: Ways of Light and Darkness - Chapter Thirty-Five
Author: milady_dragon 
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Rhys; one-sided Lisa/Ianto; past Master John (Doctor)/Rose; other canon pairings.
Warning: Fantasy Violence, horror, angst
Spoilers:  Some could be for Torchwood S1 "Cyberwoman"; "Countrycide", "They Keep Killing Suzie"; Doctor Who S1 "Bad Wolf" and "Parting of the Ways", S2 "Army of Darkness" and "Doomsday"; and S3 "Utopia";"Sound of Drums", "Last of the Time Lords" and possibly other episodes, although they have been warped into a fantasy setting.
Disclaimer: I don't own either Torchwood or Doctor Who, although I wish I did....
Author's note:  This is the sequel to The Immortality of the Deathless, the chapter list to be found here.   It's Torchwood and Doctor Who twisted into a fantasy setting, where everything that could be considered alien is actually magical.

Summary:  When mercenary Captain Jack Harkness vanishes while on a mission, Wizard Ianto Jones has to choose between his lover, his duty...and quite possibly his destiny.

A/N2: Well, I'm thinking there's about five more chapters after this one, and this story will be done...

Chapter Thirty-Five
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Scratch First, Itch Later

A Schmoop Bingo Story
Fandom:  Torchwood
Schmoop:  Scratch First, Itch Later (a Zen proverb)
Words: 3735
Rating: R/NC-17
Characters:  Ianto/Jack, Gwen/Owen
Disclaimer: Not mine; Aunty B's and RTD's
Summary: No one listens to Jack's warnings. Including Jack.

This story is dedicated to [info]agent_girlsnameAll blame credit goes to her. I got one of the main ideas for this story from her brilliant story Bubble Bath and Massage Oils: So as not to give away any spoilers, I’ll let you know what I ‘borrowed’ from her at the end.

Also, some more Welsh swearing with translations at the end. They come directly from a list I found on the Interwebs. Seriously.

Story here:

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Ergo Radius Solis et Umbra

Title: Ergo Radius Solis et Umbra
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Ten, Torchwood Team, brief mentions of Five(!)
Rating: PG.
Word Count: ~500
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Wow. Uh. Nothing too bad. For once.
Disclaimer: No monetary compensation has been or will be garnered from this endeavor. This is purely for entertainment purposes and is no way intended to disrespect the creators/owners of Torchwood or Doctor Who.

Summary: Ianto has a brief rendezvous with the Doctor to make a decision. For now.

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Fic: As I Gaze Upon The Sea!

Title: As I Gaze Upon The Sea!
Author: remuslives23
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Ianto/Jack
Word Count: 841
Summary: "As I gaze upon the sea! All the old romantic legends, all my dreams, come back to me." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Contains: Flangst.
Notes: Set just after the events in 'Journey's End'. lover100 prompt: slick.
Episode References: DW: 'Stolen Earth', 'Journey's End'
Disclaimer: This fiction is based on characters and situations created and owned by Russell T Davies, the BBC, and affiliates. No money is being made and no offense is intended. Characters are of legal age for sexual situations.

As I Gaze Upon The Sea!

Lady of the Hub

Title: Lady of the Hub
Characters:  Jack/Ianto, Myfanwy
Rating: PG?
Spoilers:  umm....  Team Torchwood have a pterodactyl? err.. pteranodon.
Summary: Myfanwy sees all.
Disclaimers are included.    

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