December 18th, 2010


Adventfic Challenge- Title:"Baby,It's Cold Outside," Pairing:Jack/Ianto,Rating:PG-13

Title: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Fandom: Torchwood

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Summary: From the prompt- “baby it’s cold outside”

After the team’s Christmas party at Ianto’s Jack tries to get an invitation to stay  J

Rating: Pg-13

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Torchwood.


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A Torchwood Christmas Carol: Stave Two

Title: A Torchwood Christmas Carol
Authorsariagray   Artistthebuttonontop 
Chapter: Stave Two of Five + Epilogue
Characters/Pairings (not chapter-specific): Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Owen, Tosh, Alice and Steven Carter, John Hart, Estelle, Grey, Franklin/Wife, Rhiannon/Johnny, Mica and David, OCs
Rating: PG13 throughout.
Word Count: ~1700 for this chapter, ~10,000 for the story in its entirety.
Spoilers: The whole series, as certain characters are used. Most aspects of plot, however, are not spoiled.
 Warnings: Occasional language, minor sexual innuendo, some relatively dark themes. Angst and fluff fluctuate throughout. 
Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction and artwork. No monetary compensation has been or will be garnered from this endeavor. This is purely for entertainment purposes and is no way intended to disrespect the creators/owners of Torchwood, Charles Dickens, or any of the other pop-culture references throughout the story.
Beta: Thanks to thebuttonontop  for cheerleading and reading and  badly_knitted for a much needed Brit-picking and thorough cleaning-up. Without you both, this story would still be kicking around, disjointed, in my mind somewhere.

Stave One is HERE.

(When Jack awoke, it was so dark that he could scarcely distinguish the bed on which he lay from the low walls of his bunk.)
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"Those Moments of Waiting"

"Those Moments of Waiting" by nixa_jane
PAIRING: Jack/Ianto
SUMMARY: Ianto hates what Jack's done to them.

Has just been added to Torchwood Slash and is listed on the new stories page and the Jack/Ianto page.

Torchwood Slash's Chirstmas wish list - Torchwood Slash's Chirstmas Wish List.

I'm planning on updating Torchwood Slash every day, so long as I have stories to add of course, but there's a reasonble chance I'm going to have increasing problems getting internet access after Christmas/New Years. Basicly this means, I'll be stuck roatating between updating Torchwood Slash, CSI Slash and Supernatural Slash when I do manage to get online sorry :(

When You Were Young - OneShot - Ianto/Jack

Title: When You Were Young
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairings: Ianto/Jack
Characters: Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Slash, SongFic
Summary: A story following Jack and Ianto's story through The Killers' song.
Author’s Notes: This is my first Jack/Ianto story so I hope you'll like it. It's a song fic to "When You Were Young" by The Killers and it's not in chronological order but follows the lyrics of the song.
Beta: stillcentre 

When You Were Young - OneShot - Ianto/Jack )

Time can be Rewritten - Chapter 2

Title: Time can be rewritten

Chapter: 2/11 + epilogue

Author: iolo1234 

Fandom: Torchwood

Pairings: Jack/Ianto Gwen/Rhys

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, The Doctor 11, River Song and others which will be added.

Rating: PG – 14

Spoilers: Not telling as it will spoil the surprise but everyone should have seen everything by now! There is a bit of explanation in the notes.

Warnings: There will be angst

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters as they belong to Russell T Davies and the BBC but I do get to play with them.

Notes: So to find where we are this is a scene you’ll recognise. The creatures in the first chapter appeared in Series 1 of the new Doctor Who, in the episode ‘Father’s Day’. If you’ve seen the episode you’ll know why the Doctor needed them destroyed. Reviews are always appreciated and always replied to. I find it hard to write scenes we know so I hope it’s OK.

Chapter 2 here

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Fic: Care

Title: Care
Author: rev02a
Beta: Gets a holiday! None, for once. (Unbetaed means I make stupid errors. Point them out to me, would you?)
Rating: R
Warnings: Discussion of child abuse/neglect, language, sexual discussion
Cast: Ianto, Rhiannon, the Jones (made up names, yay!), Jack (Jack/Ianto implied)

Summary: Terry Ganes was taken into the foster system on a Thursday. If only Ianto and Rhiannon were so lucky.

(no subject)

Title:  Anything Goes
Author: iantosdreamer46
Spoilers: none that I know of
Summary:  Iantos surprise for Jack
Pairings:  Ianto/Jack, Gwen, Owen, Tosh
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters I just like to experiment form time to time.

A/N  Apologies for anyone who is getting this several times.

This is the result of a challenge from zazajb.  Her theme was - Work, Rest and Play, her words shoes, modern and melted, her phrase for me was "who on earth still has a gramaphone."







DISCLAIMER: They don’t belong to me, I’m not making Money with this story. I like to write because I love to dream.

NOTE: Thanks to my friend D, who helped me with the syntax of all my fics.



Collapse )









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Torchwood Magazine

It's the last Torchwood magazine this month! Is anyone upset? I personally sort of am.... it had great fiction and some good interviews and stuff. The only thing that upset me was their insulting of the Ianto fans. Nice one. Now, what confuses me is that the picture for this last month is of Jack and Ianto :P

I mean, don't get me wrong. It's gorgeous. But they've made it clear on very many occasions that Ianto will not come back :P I'll be interested to read JB's interview on Gwenwood. How does he feel about being pushed back to a side-kick, I wonder...


A Christmas Tale ... Coming Soon!

Here is a taster of my new story just for Christmas!  It will be coming chapter by chapter over the Christmas and New Year holidays!
I hope you all enjoy it!  It is very very loosely based on a little ditty called ... Jane Eyre ... a story that has been floating around my head for quite a while and thought it was time it went down on paper ... so to speak!!  However ... when I say it is loosely based ... well let's say if it were elastic in a pair of pants being loose, they will be around your ankles!!  But that is the Janto influence for you!

So here goes ... enjoy and do please comment ... because comments to me are love ... and I need a lot of love!!!

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A Mars a day...

Title: A Mars a day......
Author: zazajb
Rating: PG-13, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none that I’m aware of - set mid TW S2
Summary: A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play... Words 890

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time

X-posted Jantolution , jackxianto, tw_proper & TW_classic [apologies to those getting this multiple times]

A/N Iantosdreamer & I were missing the redisourcolour challenges so we challenged each other: Theme – Work, rest and play, her words for me: ticket, exit, steak ‘Where’s the nearest petrol station around here?’

A/N 1 This is for [info]badly_knitted   *super-charged hugs* Thinking of you and wishing I wasn't so far away... xxx