January 11th, 2011


Fic- The Lost Son 6/17

Title: The Lost Son 6/17

Pairing: Pre-Jack/Ianto, Jack/OMC

Rating: Teen- dark themes, sexual mentions.
Spoilers: Mild for COE (background information)

Summary:Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.” Oscar Wilde.

Disclaimers: I own nothing.

Notes: This is a sequel to Blue Moon’s Child. You might get a bit confused if you haven’t read that one before this one! I’ll be posting this once a day until it is finished. Special thanks go to czarina_kitty for being such a wonderful Beta. Comments please!


[Fic] and we meet in the sky

Title: and we meet in the sky
Author: analineblue
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen
Warnings/Spoilers: no real spoilers, set first between S1 and S2, and then later
Rating: PG
Genre: some angst, some fluff
Word Count: ~3,775
Summary: Jack’s gone, and Ianto looks to the stars for guidance.

Notes: This is for musicaluvr, who requested something based on the song Sun and Moon from the musical Miss Saigon, which is where the title and the lyrics throughout the fic come from. Basically, I think this became an exploration of Ianto coming to terms with his feelings for Jack, both in his absence at the end of S1, and after his return… with varying levels of angst and fluff.

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( and we meet in the sky )
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He who dares...wins!

Title: He who dares...wins!
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/Owen
Spoilers – set 2 weeks after KKBB,  start of S2
Summary: Team building, charity challenge, Jack bonds with the team... Words 2950

Fic masterlist: http://zazajb.livejournal.com/6286.html

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time

X-posted Jantolution , jackxianto & TW_classic & tw_proper[apologies to those getting this multiple times]

A/N Iantosdreamer and I were missing the redisourcolour challenges so we decided to challenge each other – her words for me - Theme: Who dares; tattoo, battle, cheque, ‘I will if you will!’a

A/N 1 Had an absolutely fantastic time up in Glasgow – the panto was brilliant...can’t wait for the next one. Iantosdreamer and I actually got to meet for real *hugs tight* and was also able to meet up with two wonderful friends from the States... This story is dedicated to bettathanbarbie and merrycarole. Love you ladies and safe trip home xxx


Broken Dreams Chapter Three

Title: Broken Dreams.
Author: evalentine99 
Rating: Mature 16+
Fandom: Torchwood

Genre:  Romance / Angst. Hurt/ Comfort.
Pairings. Jack /Ianto
Alternate Time Line - Alternate Universe.
Spoilers None.

Beta: milady_dragon  

Torchwood- Copyright BBC. This Fanfiction has been created for enjoyment and is not for profit.  

Set in a parallel reality to the cannon universe. The story begins two years after the Canary Wharf battle. Owen and Tosh are still alive as some events in this reality did not occur as they did in the canon universe. 

Ianto has returned to  Cardiff after many years of absence.  Jack runs into him literally. It is lust at first sight for Jack. However, it’s loathing at first sight for Ianto. Can Jack overcome Ianto’s dislike of him?  Can Ianto overcome the events of his most recent past to overcome his objections allowing them build a future together.  

Chapter One evalentine99.livejournal.com/14406.html

Chapter Three evalentine99.livejournal.com/15225.html#cutid1


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Heroes and Villains part 2

Author: Agent_girlsname

Title: Heroes and Villains: The Thrill of the Chase

Rating: Teen

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Summary: The Archivist has moved to Cardiff, but will he let The Captain catch him? (AU, slightly cracky)

Due to so many beautiful readers requesting more I have written more! So this is for everyone who requested, begged and made puppy eyes, too many for me to name, I hope you enjoy!!!



Part 2 )