March 20th, 2011

You're Mine


Title: Beasties
Author: tonjavmoore
Prompt: Jack confronts Ianto about Ianto's last kiss
Summary: After the incident with the cannibals, Jack keeps Ianto company in hospital
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG (There’s some flirting, but nothing beyond that)
A/N: I wrote this for torchwood_fest at Halloween, but never got around to posting it anywhere else. We don’t know for sure when the Torchwood team met the cannibals, but this story pretends it was Halloween.


Broken Dreams Chapter Twenty Three

 Title: Broken Dreams.
Author: evalentine99 
Rating: Mature 16+
Fandom: Torchwood

Genre:  Romance / Angst. Hurt/ Comfort.
Pairings. Jack /Ianto
Alternate Time Line - Alternate Universe.
Spoilers None.

 Beta: milady_dragon 

Torchwood- Copyright BBC. This Fanfiction has been created for enjoyment and is not for profit.  

Set in a parallel reality to the cannon universe. The story begins two years after the Canary Wharf battle. Owen and Tosh are still alive as some events in this reality did not occur as they did in the canon universe. 

Ianto has returned to  Cardiff after many years of absence.  Jack runs into him literally. It is lust at first sight for Jack. However, it’s loathing at first sight for Ianto. Can Jack overcome Ianto’s dislike of him?  Can Ianto overcome the events of his most recent past to overcome his objections allowing them build a future together.

Chapter One

Chapter Tweny Three

Out to get you - Chapter 12

Title: Out to get you

Chapter: 12 of 26+ epilogue

Author: [info]iolo1234 

Fandom: Torchwood

Pairings: Ianto/Lisa (past), Gwen/Rhys, Jack/Doctor (past), Andy/John, Tosh/Owen so far

Characters: Jack, Ianto, The Doctor (10), Andy Davidson, John Hart, Gwen Cooper, Rhys Williams, Toshiko Sato, Owen Harper, Donna Noble and others who will be added.

Rating: overall NC-17 although each chapter will be rated – this one is PG - 16

Spoilers: None really as this is sort of AU but there are references from Torchwood and Doctor Who.

Warnings: References to previous deaths and oh yes, sexual references occasionally including this chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters as they belong to Russell T Davies and the BBC but I do get to play with them. Banner thanks to  [info]ianto_love_jack 

Notes: Jack makes a shocking discovery.

Chapter 12 here


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Torchwood Canary - Torchwood Three (1/3)

Working Title: The Torchwood Canary

Episode Title: Torchwood Three

Disclaimer: I do not own, nor ever will, Torchwood or the characters within.
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Language
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Notes: A series of interconnected episodes starting from Canary Wharf and leading into Season 1 and probably beyond

Summary: Captain Jack Harkness returns from the ruins of Canary Wharf and Ianto Jones settles into life at Torchwood Three.
Follows on from After The Battle and Cardiff.

Torchwood Three - part 1

janto coat
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These things I miss...

Title: These things I miss
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen
Spoilers : set start s2/KKBB
Summary: their thoughts when apart while Jack’s with the Doctor... Words 1400

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time; I also don’t own the song or Matt Nathanson...
A/N Inspired by the song ‘Come on get higher’ sung by Matt Nathanson

This is for [info]aviv_b  and [info]chocolatenianto who both have birthdays this week - happy days ladies *birthday hugs*

X-posted Jantolution , jackxianto & tw_proper, tw_classic, jantosparkle [apologies to those getting this multiple times]

Anime, Gabe

Christmas Tradition (1/1)

Title: Christmas Tradition

Username: [info]gabe1990 

Recipient: back_rose17

Rating: T

Warnings: slight Gwen-bashing. Malexmale love.

Prompts: Jack/Ianto, fluff, romance, Ianto/Tosh friendship, any Tosh pairing.

Notes: This story is based around basically four team members of Torchwood – Jack, Ianto, Tosh and Owen, but Gwen is mentioned in the beginning. It also contains some Original Characters but only two are important in the story.

Summary: AU. Every family has its traditions, even Torchwood. Jack/Ianto. Tosh/Owen.

(Fake Cut...)

You Don’t See ME... THE WEDDING!

Title:  You Don't See Me... The Wedding!
Chapters: 1 Part A B C
& D/2 + Epilogue
Word Count: 4674
Author:  pinkpolyanthus
Rating: 17 overall
Pairing:  Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh, Owen
Spoilers/Disclaimers:  Torchwood belongs to the BBC and RTD

Summary:  The follow-up to my story You Don't See Me... which can be found on ...  which was based on the song of the same name by Keane ... the story looks at the possibility of having someone in front of you every day but you don't seem them for who they really are...  then the Sequel ... You Don't See Me - The Meeting...where Ianto had a plan which he and Jack had agreed to ... to call a meeting... ... now the Wedding plans are underway... Tosh at the helm... but are outside forces working against them having a happy day?...

Part 1A:

Part 1B:

Part 1C:

Part 1D:




SUMMARY: The team went to the Ostara Celebration.


DISCLAIMER: The characters, songs, films, ideas, don’t belong to me. I like to write because I love to dream. I’m not making money with this story.

NOTE: Happy Ostara for all of you!!!



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Time Held Me Green and Dying

Hello! First Torchwood fic in a long time - and this has been brewing even longer.
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Category: Angst? 
Warnings: Musings on death and other depressing subjects. 
Rating: PG
A/N: I don't usually insert quotes in my writing but this was crying out for it. I'd be really grateful for feedback on whether it works or not.

time held me green and dying
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Fic: The question is... (29 and 30/?)

Title: The question is... (29 and 30/?)
Author: [info]captainkatt 
Disclaimer: BBC and he who no longer deserves a name owns Torchwood.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ianto Jones is the Torchwood tea-boy, but hidden deep in his mind is a secret only Tosh knows... for now.
Feedback: Pretty please with icing and sprinkles.
A/N: Thankyou to my gorgeous friend Jammy for listening to my incoherent ramblings while writing :)
A/N 2: I'm a terrible, terrible updater and I have no excuse. Sorry wouldn't cover it.

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