May 25th, 2011

Jack/Ianto Kiss

Playing For Keeps (Chapter 1)

Title: Playing For Keeps (Chapter 1)
Author: confused_bliss
Genre: AU!
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, other canon characters
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Beta: None. All mistakes are mine!
Banner & Journal Layout: Thanks to the incredible [info]foreverbm
Feedback: Yes, please. All comments are greatly appreciated!
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! This is for entertainment purposes only. No infringement intended!

Summary: Jack Harkness owns a small casino in Reno, Nevada. His life has revolved around business and his various recreational pleasures; over time becoming stale and predictable. All is about to change when a young Welshman, Ianto Jones, begins to frequent the casino, apparently with his own agenda. An instant attraction is forged, however much more obvious within Jack. What precisely is Mr. Jones up to... and how will Jack proceed in luring the younger man into his bed?

A/N: Okay, I had planned on waiting to begin this once I had one of my other WIP's closer to completion, but I just had to get started! =) This story is totally AU, but should have all of the major Torchwood cast involved, at one point or another. I hope you will enjoy this new adventure. As a casino owner, in that sort of life, Jack might be a bit predatory and ruthless at times; but, that's how it is in his world. We'll see how that evolves over time. As always, please let me know what you think!! =)

When Nightmares Come True

Title: Whwn Nightmares Come True
Author: crazycatt71
Rating: PG 13
Characters: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones
Spoilers: Theres alomost one for Countrycide, but not really
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I'm just having fun.
Summary: Will Jack's nightmares come true?
A/N: This was writen for
[info]500themes  #65- shallow grave
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The Truth of It

Name: usakiwigirl
Story Title: The Truth of It
Summary: A recurring theme from one of Jack's stories is woven through the team dynamic
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Owen, Gwen, Tosh
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Adult language, brief mention of sex
Note: This is my entry for Round 6 of jack_ianto_las. This time around, I received one vote for and two votes against. Somehow, I think I'll be off the island next round!

The Truth of It

Fic: In the pain there is healing Chapter 22/27ish

Title: In the pain there is healing
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto,Rhys/Donna, Andy/Kathy, John/Tosh, Doctor/Isabella, James/Jenny, Tom/Martha and Mickey/Jake and mentions of John/Ianto
Summary: How long can one person takes being the second choice before they break? And have Ianto and Rhys reached that point?
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Gwen bashing
Spoilers: Torchwood S2 ‘Meat’ and ‘Something Borrowed’
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, I am willing to take ownership of Ianto and Jack since RTD can not take care of them. I do own James and Isabella and all other original characters.
Author Note: Unbeta so please forgive any mistakes, also as you can see the chapter lengths have grown.

You can read it @


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Invading Australia

Title: Invading Australia
Rating: PG - innuendos and flirting
Genre: Comedy
Summary: The Torchwood team are faced with a possible alien invasion in Australia.

Author’s Note: I was dared to write something using the prompts Ianto Jones, Myfanwy, golf practice and cane toads. This is the result. Then I was dared to post it on a Torchwood community. This is the first time I have published any Torchwood fan fiction in public.....I'm a bit scared!

Invading Australia
Fixing Season 3

FIC: Children of the Earth, Child of the Stars (4/7+epilogue)

Title: Children of the Earth, Child of the Stars, part 4
Author: Sistine (sistine_may )
Summary: What if Gwen wasn’t the one who was pregnant? How would that have affected the events of CoE?
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, various others
Spoilers: all days of CoE
Warnings: Character death, mpreg
Rating: M (for adult themes)
Word count: 3,579 this chapter   
Disclaimer:  If I owned TW, this would have happened instead of what we got!
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Soon after lunch, Ianto found the arrest of Clement McDonald...
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Just one more day--Part One, R, Jack/Ianto

Just one more day...--Part One
Rating: This part R but will eventually be NC-17
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Timeline: Post COE.
Summary: After losing Ianto and knowing where he belongs, Jack awakens to find himself back to the day the 456 took Ianto's life. He finds Ianto very much alive, and no evidence of the 456 ever existing. Along with many other things...Now Jack must choose between setting things back right or living in a world with the one thing that ever made him feel real-Ianto.
A/N: It's been a long time since I have written some Jack/Ianto. But its time. Hope you follow along for the ride.

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Jack with Ianto

Love or Pride 11/?

Title: Love or Pride 11/?
Rating: PG

Fandom: Torchwood
Genre: AU/ Romance
Pairings: Jack /Ianto

Beta: the wonderful evalentine 99 (all remaining mistakes are mine!)
Spoilers None.

Summary: Ianto Jones in an aristocrat who’s been betrayed by his fiancée, Lisa. There enters industrialist Jack Harkness. Is what he asks something the young lord can give? Or isn’t?

Torchwood- Copyright BBC.  Vaguely based on the book Le Maître de forges by Georges Ohnet.

Chapter 1 at:
Chapter 11 at: