August 4th, 2011

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Twos and Blues...5/?

Title: Twos and Blues: 5/?
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick, Pete, Mica, Rhiannion
Spoilers – none – totally AU
Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 3740

Previous chapters:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
With thanks to the wonderful fjorda77 for the awesome banner *hugs*

A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Thank you for your patience while LJ was out of commission – future updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters...

A/N2 Apologies for the lack of Captain Coat and Coffee Man recently – I do have two partly done, but I have to admit to being totally caught up in this at the moment, plus the Ianto BB as well. Hopefully an update on CC&CM by the end of the week...

Actions Part Two Restitution -Chapter Fifteeen -Sixteen -Seventeen

Title: Actions Speak Louder than Words.
Part Two: Restitution.
Author: evalentine99 
Rating: Mature 16+
Fandom: Torchwood

Genre:  Angst, Romance
Pairings.  Jack /Ianto
Alternate time line.     

 Beta: milady_dragon   Torchwood- Copyright BBC. This Fan fiction has been created for enjoyment and is not for profit.


 Any unique story elements and OC’s are copyrighted to evalentine99 

 Ianto has left TW3 heartbroken; Jacks actions demonstrated he came last in every aspect of his life.  Can the reverse me true?  Can Jacks actions now prove to Ianto how much he loves him?

Fifteen Declarations

Sixteen One Hour

Seventeen Gwen

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Plot bunny need a home.

I was watching Warehouse 13 last week and heard the a line that sounded so much like something Jack would say but I can't seem to come up with a story so I thought I'd put it out there and see if anybody could come up with something.
The prompt is; " I know I'm good, but even I've never made somebody's hair change color."
Good luck.


Fic: Red Herrings 28/30

Title: Red Herrings
Author: angstosaur
Summary: Things aren't good, then they show signs of improvement, then they get really bad...
Pairings: Jack and Ianto, Gwen and Rhys, Owen and Tosh
Contains: another cliffhanger
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to the BBC and whoever they pimp it out to and not me. However, I like to think I am more faithful to the characters and situations of S1 and S2 than the creator.
A/N: Set after Bad Seed in my peculiar universe in which everyone is still alive, or at least undead ... and neither Exit Wounds nor COE happened. Not necessary to have read Bad Seed.

Starts here:Chapter 1

Chapter 28

New WIP Fic: Gilt Cage. Fandom Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover Part 22

Author: Glenda

Rating: Adult Only

Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who

Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Ianto/other.

Summary: Ianto has an historic stalker.

Warning: swearing, m/m kissing. Sex. A many of you have guess this in now an MPREG.

Just a reminder I do not own Torchwood, or Doctor some &%^@(  jerk .... Well, just to let you know I make no money and only intend this for entertainment.

Spoliers from The House of the Dead and Children of Earth belong to BBC and others.

This story takes place shortly after Meat. I liked the episode but it left a few question for me at the end.

The feedback and comments have been great and feed the muse. Hope you enjoy it. I had a bit of trouble posting today so I hope it comes through all right. Also I wasn't sure I liked this chapter but I'm getting tired of poking at it. If I didn't post it soon I wouldn't get anything else written.


Read more...Chapter 22 )
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Fic: Keep Calm and Carry On

Title: Keep Calm and Carry On
Author: remuslives23
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Ianto, Gwen; mentions of Jack/Ianto
Summary: With Jack gone, Ianto tries to pick up the slack.
Notes: Originally written for jack_ianto_las from which I've now withdrawn. The prompt used was 'where do we go from here then' and I've used the lover100 prompt (rock)'bottom'. This is still unbeta'd.
Contains: Language
Episode References: Post End of Days
Disclaimer: This fiction is based on characters and situations created and owned by Russell T Davies. No money is being made and no offense is intended. Characters are of legal age for sexual situations.

Myfanwy 2

Gypsies of the Rift - Chapter Ten (Complete)

Title: Gypsies of the Rift - Chapter Ten
Author: milady_dragon 
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto; Gwen/Owen, Owen/Diane
Warnings: Language, Violence, Suicidal Situations
Spoilers: Up through S1 E10, "Out of Time"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better.
Author's note:  This is the Dragon-Verse version of "Out of Time".   As usual, the dating for this was taken from several fan-made timelines and the TARDIS Index File.  The information on the de Havilland Dragon Rapide (yes, that was the actual plane in the show, I didn't make this up!) came from a sudden spurt of Google-Fu and the ever helpful TARDIS Index File. 

A/N2: This is the end of this particular story.  If you're interested in the PDF, it's Here.  Thanks everyone!  And next, since so many of you have asked so nicely, we shall have Toga Smut.  Think of it as the last interlude before things hit the fan... *laughs maniacally*

Summary:  Three victims of the Rift come through from 1953, and it's up to the team to help them fit into the current year.  Jack and Ianto find themselves sympathizing with John Ellis, and they take it upon themselves to help get integrated into his new time.

Chapter Ten  (Livejournal)  (Dreamwidth)

Tea & Conversation

Title: Tea & Conversation
Author: crazycatt71
Rating: PG
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Ianto, 10th Doctor, little bit of Jack Harkness at the end,
Word Count: 987
Summary: Ianto & the Doctor sit down to tea and a conversation. Takes place after
You Can't Have Him which should be read first.
Author's notes: This was written for 
[info]writers_choice challenge #417-tea
 It was beta'd by 
likeitisntso so any and all mistakes are all mine.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I'm just having some fun


Collapse )