September 21st, 2011

Abby bring it

Objects in Space: Prologue

Title: Objects in Space
Rating: PG (NC-17 later)
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, maybe more later

Summary: The Alliance never did sit well with the Doctor, but he might have been able to leave it alone if Captain Jack Harkness hadn't gone and gotten himself all kidnapped. But while he's picking up the pieces of the  'verse, it's going to be up to Ianto to pick up the pieces of Jack.

Chapter Word Count: 2300

Spoilers/warnings: Crazy firefly crossover that may or may not have firefly core characters, but is really mostly just Jack and Ianto (and the Doctor) in the 'Verse.  Maybe some River Tam? And obviously I am taking great liberties with dimensions and time lines.

Torchwood-wise, set post CoE, and hello AU after that! One of those copious fix that Ianto problem fics. I may go back and flesh this part out if I ever finish because it all feels kind of abrupt, but until then, tally ho.

Disc: Nothing is mine. I even stole the title.

( Objects in Space: Prologue )