October 8th, 2011


Title  Music is the best Medicine....13/?
Author  iantosdreamer46
Rating  NC-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, m/m
Characters  Jack, Ianto, Owen, Tosh, John Hart, Gwen, Rhys, Lisa, Adam,
Spoilers  None this is totally AU
Summary  Jack is the Station Manager at cardiff Royal Infirmary's Hospital Radio.  He helps a young man to get well and introduces him to the life at the radio.
Disclaimer  I own none of the characters, they belong to the BBC and RTD.  I just like to experiment with them sometimes.
Words  1,793

A/N  This is completley AU and is all thanks to zazajb for challenging me to have a go.  Apologies for any bad geography of Cardiff and Wales, I was never any good at the subject when I was at school.

A/N2 apologies for anyone whi is getting this more than once, as it's cross posted


Music is the best Medicine....13/?  http://iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/25595.html

Choices - Chapter 21 Part 2

Title: Choices
Chapter 21 – Into the Fire 1/3
Pairing(s)/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Owen, Tosh, John, OCs
Rating: NC17 (overall)
Warnings: supernatural themes, violence, m/m pairing
A/N :Here's the next part sooner than planned - just because.  
This is a pretty full on chapter (3 parts) and there’s a bit of a climax on its way. A couple more players are about to enter the fold. What will this mean for Jack and Ianto?

DW  ( 21 Into the Fire Part 1 )

LJ   ( 21 Into the Fire Part 1 )

Fic: Salvation's Tears (part 3)

Title: Salvation's Tears
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: PG-15 overall, individual chapters will vary between G and R.
Disclaimer: I do not own this show or these characters, but any OC's are mine.
Summary: Sequel to Tear-filled Trails of Blood. Owen and Ianto have finally reconciled their differences and accepted one another as true brothers. But when Owen is injured, and a Torchwood member is lost, can Ianto hold it together for the sake of his brother? Can Owen be strong enough to hold on for Ianto? And can Torchwood handle yet more turmoil as it tries to change with the times?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
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