October 25th, 2011

Damaged Indemnity – Chapter 3 (Anticipation Universe) - Rated M - Tosh/Mary, Jack/Ianto

Title: Damaged Indemnity – Chapter 3 (Anticipation Universe)
Author: spagtscully</lj>
Genre: light fem-slash, light slash, Angst, UST, seduction.
Rating: M
Pairings: Tosh/Mary & Jack/Ianto
Summary: I had no idea how I ended up disappointing Jack so much, but I would figure it out in the end. I finally understood how Ianto had felt after everything that happened with Lisa. I could only hope that Jack would understand someday as well.  - Tosh POV story - Some of this reiterates or goes over what happened in Anticipation from a completely different perspective.
Status: WIP
Word Count for this chapter: 5109

Chapter 3 - The Edge of the Unknown
Chapter 1 - Close Enough to Hurt Me

To Read Anticipation Start Here  (all finished chapters are linked together)

Fic: Kiss and Tell (And tell some more)

Title: Kiss and Tell (And tell some more)
Written by: Beesandbrews
Rating: PG
Characters: Series 1 Team Torchwood, (past Jack/Ianto)
A/N: This takes place during the 'last snog' game in Countrycide. It was brought about by the episode re-watch at tw_classic, and the observation that Jack sidesteps the question rather than answering directly.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. No copyright violation is intended. Some dialogue has been lifted from the episode.


As icebreakers go, the 'last snog' game wouldn't have been Jack's first choice. But it is an icebreaker, and the camping trip is as much a team building exercise as it is an investigation, so for the moment, he lets things go.