November 5th, 2011

Fic: Salvation's Tears (part 6)

Title: Salvation's Tears
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: PG-15 overall, individual chapters will vary between G and R.
Disclaimer: I do not own this show or these characters, but any OC's are mine.
Summary: Sequel to Tear-filled Trails of Blood. Owen and Ianto have finally reconciled their differences and accepted one another as true brothers. But when Owen is injured, and a Torchwood member is lost, can Ianto hold it together for the sake of his brother? Can Owen be strong enough to hold on for Ianto? And can Torchwood handle yet more turmoil as it tries to change with the times?

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Fic Post

Hi! I'm finally getting round to posting all my fics from the jack_ianto_las. Hope you like them.

After the First: A snapshot of the morning after Jack and Ianto's first night together.

Guardian Angel: Ianto's guardian angel helped him throughout his life, even if he never quite realised it at the time.

Happy Birthday: Alice hadn't always had the best relationship with her father. And every time she tried to improve it ... something like this would happen.

Hollow: Ianto knew Valentine's Day was never going to be the same, after Lisa. But this ... this was even worse.

Idiots: Jack's attempts at being romantic didn't always work out they way he meant them to.

Lies and Half-Truths: Children of Earth wasn't the first time Rhiannon had found out about her brother's relationship with his boss. It was just the first time she'd challenged him on it, the first time she'd broken their agreements of half-truths and lies.

Questions and Answers: Ianto doesn't ask questions, doesn't dig too deep. It's not really to do with sparing Jack's feelings, it's more to do with protecting his own.