December 30th, 2011

Someone to Watch Over Me - Chapters 7 & 8

Title: Someone to Watch Over Me (7&8/?)

Pairing(s)/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen and OCs.

Rating: NC17 (overall)

Warnings: smarm, sap and crack – of the mills & boon type (seriously), m/m pairing

Disclaimer: Torchwood and its associated characters, and events are property of the BBC and Russell T. Davies but shamelessly borrowed for some fun.

A/N 1: I decided to go all Mills & Boon on you. But no swooning allowed.   Ianto and Jack talk over dinner and we learn a little more about Jack. Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Summary: Jack Harkness, a close family, and owner of a prestigious security firm is asked to take on the task of protecting Ianto Jones when he starts receiving death threats.

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Fic - Finding Ianto

Title: Finding Ianto
Author: Blackbird Song
Prompt: Finding Nemo
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG-13
Content notice: A bit of language; dubious compliance with certain aspects of canon.
Summary: A long time ahead, in a place far, far away, Jack gets a message he didn't expect.
Author's Notes: Written for reel_torchwood, Round 4. Takes place after CoE and House of the Dead. Many thanks to my husband for the beta. Posted in two parts, with Part Two linked at the bottom of Part One:

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Fic: My Christmas Gift Is You Chapter 2/2

Title: My Christmas Gift Is You
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Little!Jack/Little!Ianto, Real!Jack/Diane, Tommy/River, Jack/Ianto, 10th Doctor/Tosh, Rhys/Kathy, Andy/Donna, Mickey/Martha, John/Owen, 9th Doctor/Sarah Jane, Wilf/Estelle
Rating: G
Summary: Little!Jack has a very important question to ask Yan-Yan on their first Christmas together, a question never-to-be-forgotten that Jack follows up on years later.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who.
Beta: royalladyemma


The Newby, The Next Generation...A Christmas Tale - Retold - The Whole Story!

Title: The Newby - The Next Generation
A Christmas Tale - Retold
Word Count: 27,531
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
OC's: Owen, Rhys, Andy, Rose, The Doctor
Rating: R for violence, character death, torture and sexual content

No copyright infringement intended.

Parts One to Five plus Epilogue

For those of you who may like to read the story in one go...

Happy New Year
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Fic: Stop All the Clocks

Title: Stop All the Clocks

Author: GeekSlave

Prompt: Four Weddings and a Funeral

Word Count: ~35,000

Rating: R

Warnings: Language, cheating, character death

Spoilers: For Torchwood series 1 & 2 and Doctor Who series 5 &6

Summary: When bachelor Ianto Jones attends a friend’s wedding, he unexpectedly meets the potential man of his dreams.

Characters/Pairings: Ianto Jones/Jack Harkness, River Song/The Doctor, Rory Williams/Amy Pond, Toshiko Sato/Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato/Tommy Brockless, Jack Harkness/John Hart, Ianto Jones/Gwen Cooper, Rhiannon Jones/Johnny Davies, Rose Tyler/Mickey Smith, Andy Davidson, Wilfred Mott, Estelle Cole, Donna Noble, Rhys Williams, Suzie Costello, Martha Jones, Lisa Hallet

Disclaimer: The characters of Torchwood and Doctor Who belong to the BBC. The characters and screenplay for Four Weddings and a Funeral belong to 20th Century Fox, MGM, and Richard Curtis

Author’s Notes: Written for the reel_Torchwood challenge, round 4. Huge thank you to my betas, [info]janiemc, for making sure my grammar was gooder and for britpicking, and [info]jolinarjackson for support and advice giving. This is my first attempt at any kind of challenge or Jack/Ianto fanfic. Any comments-complimentary or constructive- will be much appreciated. Title taken from line in WH Auden poem "Funeral Blues" used in the movie.