February 18th, 2012

Janto 2

It was good, yeah? - Chapter 1

Fandom: Torchwood.
Title: It's been good, yeah? - Chapter 1 - Crash
Rating: PG-13.
Beta: None, yet. So sorry for any mistakes made during the translation.
Genre: Sci-Fi, drama, angst, adventure. Tragedy?
Warnings: In future chapters, too much angst and sex. Don't expect a very happy ending.
Paring; Jack/Ianto.
Summary: Post Miracle Day. A not exactly fix-it fic. Torchwood has been rebuilt, and Jack, Gwen plus a new member find themselves traped in the middle of a collision between alternative realities, a conspiracy and a Ianto who's alive but had never known anything about Torchwood.
Author's Note: First, make sure to read the Prologue. Second, well, enjoy. Now it starts getting good and the Janto begins. I'm really proud of this character. I hope I had pulled out all of the characters well. I did my best. And I hope you also like Miranda as a new team member. I'm making my best to create a new character that reminds secondary. I think I'm getting it. And I really do hope she's likeable and not as Gwen that sometimes you really want to hit her, despite that after all this time I ended up loving her too. :P Now, I won't entretain you anymore.

Prologue - Next Chapter - Chapter List

Fandom: Torchwood.
Título: It's been good, yeah? - Capítulo 1 - Choque
Rating: P-13
Género: Sci-Fi, drama, angst, aventura. ¿Tragedia?
Advertencia: IEn futuros capítulos, mucho angst y sexo. No esperen un final muy feliz.
Pareja; Jack/Ianto.
Resumen: Post Miracle Day. Un no exactamente fic fix-it. Torchwood fue reconstruido, y Jack, Gwen y un nuevo miembro se encuentran atrapados en el medio de una colisión de realidades alternativas, una conspiración y un Ianto que está vivo pero que jamás supo nada de Torchwood.
Nota de Autora: Primero, asegúrense de leer el Prólogo. Segundo, bueno, disfruten. Ahora se comienxa a poner bueno y empieza el Janto. Estoy bastante orgullosa de este capítulo. Espero haber sacado a los personajes bien. Hice lo mejor que pude. Y espero que tambi´en les guste Miranda como nuevo miembro del equipo. estoy haciendo lo mejor puedo para crear un nuevo personaje que permanezca secundario. Y creo que lo estoy consiguiendo. Y espero que ella sea gustable y no como Gwen que a veces queres de verdad pegarle, a pesar de que después de todo este tiempo la termine queriendo. :P Ahora, no los entretengo más.


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The Man In Grey - Chapter Forty Six - Questions!

Title: The Man in Grey.
Author: evalentine99
Rating: Mature 16+
Genre:  Recovery / Trauma
Pairings Jack/Ianto Tosh, Owen, Gwen, 11th Doctor, Martha Jones, OC’s, and Billy.
Alternate time line.

This story was inspired by Danse Macabre’s ‘Innocent Damage’ which can be found on Teaspoon and an Open Mind.

 Beta: milady_dragon  Torchwood- Copyright BBC. This Fan fiction has been created for enjoyment and is not for profit.

 This fiction has some very dark moments especially during the first part.

Jack has gone to be with the Doctor. During his absence Ianto  disappeared into thin air in the blink of an eye.

Chapter Forty Six Questions http://evalentine99.livejournal.com/57419.html#cutid1
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Opportunities/One door closes...and a window opens (6/?)

Title: Opportunities/One door closes...and a window opens (6/?)

Rating: PG – I think. There is talk of sex and some ‘adult’ moments but nothing explicit. My son watches TV with more gratuitous moments than this story. It’s the smarm you need to worry about

Genre: AU! No aliens but some familiar names may still be used

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Estelle

Summary: The holiday season is coming up and Ianto Jones is stuck without a job, with very little money and not too many prospects. So when he is offered a job for two weeks, he readily accepts. But this new job may become complicated when he realises that the man who broke his heart years before is the grandson of his new employer.

A/N: Ianto packs and Jack gets to see how Ianto really lives. 
LJ  ( Chapter Six )

DW ( Chapter Six )


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"Heart and Soul" by evalentine99
PAIRING: Jack/Ianto
WARNING: contains description of torture and aftermarth of torture, rape.
SUMMARY: Jack has returned from his time with the Doctor. In his absence Ianto has disappeared. An investigation has uncovered a single powerful dose of retcon is missing. What will happen when Jack returns and finds Ianto is missing?

Has just been added to Torchwood Slash and is listed on the new stories page and the Jack/Ianto - e authors section of the Jack/Ianto page.

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Different Shades of Darkness

Title: A Different Shade of Darkness
Chapter Four: On The Move
Author: blucougar57
Summary: In the wake of his untimely death, Ianto Jones accepts a deal that will change his life forever.
Rating: Strong T, for now.
Warnings: Spoilers for The Series That Never Was (AKA, Children of Earth).
X-over: Torchwood/Doctor Who/Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter books.

Go Here For Chapter Four