June 23rd, 2012

Jack/Ianto Kiss

Torchwood Revised (Chapter 19)

Title: Torchwood Revised (Chapter 19)
Author: confused_bliss
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Ianto, other canon characters
Rating: Adult overall
Warnings: M/M concepts, explicit over time. OOC tendencies at times. Many canon events, but some are altered to fit my story.
Genre: Canon/AU COE Fix-it
Beta: None, all mistakes are mine!
Banner & Journal Layout: Thank you to the amazing foreverbm
Disclaimer: I do NOT own the characters of Torchwood. They are the exclusive property of their creators. No infringement intended.
Feedback: Yes, please. Comments are always greatly appreciated.
Word Count: 1900

Summary: Pre-series and later depicting the relationship between Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones. Many canon moments, along with just as many changes along the way. COE fix-it and much more.

Chapter 19

Stranger in the Night (2/?)

Title: Stranger in the Night (2/?)
Spoilers: Up to Exit Wounds. CoE and MD don't exist here. 
Rating: PG13
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Past Ianto/Lisa, Gwen
Warnings: homophobia
Summary: Lisa shows up suddendly in Cardiff one rainy night. Why has she shown up now, after all this time? Most importantly what does Ianto know about the reappearance?

Lisa flinched as a gun was pointed at her. Her training did not prepare her for this; being a researcher, she had no arms or combat training.

Previously on Stranger in the Night

Chapter 1-With some edits

Fic: The Stars Might Stick You Where You Stand (7/7)

Title: The Stars Might Stick You Where You Stand (7/7)
Author: methylethyl
Rating: NC-17 (very light NC-17)
Summary: Following the fall of Torchwood One, Jack Harkness went to ask Torchwood Three for a job. He didn’t expect to fall a little bit in love with its director, the practical and ever-calm Ianto Jones. He also probably didn’t expect that Ianto Jones would end up holding the answers to his most precious secret.
Disclaimer: TW & Co. does not belong to me.

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It used to be that if people who came back through the Rift weren’t mentally stable, they were killed.