October 27th, 2012


"Tail Play - The Affair"

"Tail Play - The Affair" by Jessie Blackwood
PAIRING: Jack/Ianto
SERIES: 1) Tail Play, 2) Tail Play 2
WARNINGS: ongoing series
SUMMARY: An alien artefact tumbles through the Rift and causes a little problem with Jack's DNA. A cracky little fic, the result of a humorous discussion one night concerning the introduction of Alien DNA into 51st Century humans.

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Impressions (Chapter 9)

Title: Impressions, Part Nine (Part one here)
Rating: PG-13 (for now)

Warnings: Spoilers (in an AU-ish sort of way) for the end of Doctor Who series 2 and all the minor character deaths implied therein (mostly. In an AU-ish way, again).
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are the property of their respective owners.
Summary: Ianto Jones is an unhappy, unwilling, and heartsick employee of Torchwood in the 24th century. Falling through the Rift and landing in 21st century Cardiff is a chance to start again. But once Torchwood, always Torchwood, especially when Captain Jack Harkness poses such an interesting temptation.

Different Shades of Darkness

Title: A Different Shade of Darkness
Chapter Sixteen: Visitations
Author: blucougar57
Summary: In the wake of his untimely death, Ianto Jones accepts a deal that will change his life forever.
Rating: Strong T, for now.
Warnings: Spoilers for The Series That Never Was (AKA, Children of Earth); brief description of torture
X-over: Torchwood/Doctor Who/Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter books.
A/N: In which Savitar and Ash tell Jack about his heritage, and then pay a little visit to Ash's sisters, the Fates.

Go Here For Chapter Sixteen