October 31st, 2012

No Flowers

FIC: Exhumed Part III: The Two Year Wake (1/4)

SERIES: Exhumed
TITLE: Part III: The Two Year Wake (1/4)
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Ianto Jones, OCs. Allusions or direct references to all canon pairings. Jack's not in it, but he may as well be :)
SUMMARY: Two years after a race of alien crackheads takes Ianto Jones' life, he's forced to deal with another inconvenient situation: people have stopped dying, and the planet is eventually going to run out of coffee. Or, "How a man who's not supposed to be alive deals with all those people who are supposed to be dead."
LENGTH: Part three of a five part series, approximately 3900 words in this chapter.
BETA: 51stcenturyfox betas at the speed of awesome! Obligatory disclaimer about how remaining mistakes are mine.
SPOILERS: "Miracle Day" episodes 1 and 2, though you don't need to have seen it to read this. "House of the Dead" radio play, if you tilt your head sideways.
DISCLAIMER: Fair use intended. I do not own the Torchwood characters, only the plot I stuck 'em into.
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