November 15th, 2012

The flower of sleep brings wakening to me

Title: The flower of sleep brings awakening to me
Rating: T

Word count: ~1,800 (complete)
Warnings: Jack-angst, Ianto-angst (to a lesser degree), misuse of fairy tales, abuse of poetry, lots of gooey fluff hidden behind the angst.
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are the property of their respective owners.
Summary: Another petal flutters down in front of Ianto, blood red touched with black at the bottom, and recognition comes along with the dropping darkness. Papaver somniferum. Poppy.
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To Be Human - Chapter Eleven

Title: To Be Human - Chapter Eleven
Author: milady_dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Toshiko/Kathy, Owen/Diane
Warnings: Language, Character Death
Spoilers: Both series up to S2, E2, "Sleeper"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. 
Author's note:  This is the Dragon-Verse version of "Sleeper".    As usual, dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies, especially Ianto's Desktop, and other information from the TARDIS Index File.

Summary: An attempted home invasion puts the team on the trail of an alien sleeper cell intent on invasion, and Gwen gets a lesson on what it means to be human. 

Chapter Eleven (Livejournal)  (Dreamwidth)