November 20th, 2012

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To Be Human - Chapter Twelve

Title: To Be Human - Chapter Twelve
Author: milady_dragon
Series: Dragon-Verse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Toshiko/Kathy, Owen/Diane
Warnings: Language, Character Death
Spoilers: Both series up to S2, E2, "Sleeper"
Disclaimer:  I don't own Torchwood, I would have treated it better. 
Author's note:  This is the Dragon-Verse version of "Sleeper".    As usual, dating is taken from several fan-made chronologies, especially Ianto's Desktop, and other information from the TARDIS Index File.

A/N2:  Here is the last chapter of this particular story.  Next up, at least one short before we move on to "To The Last Man".  If you want the PDF, you can find it on my AO3 Profile, because Mediafire deleted my account with them based on some third-party bot that fit some keywords and reported that I was uploading stuff I shouldn't.  If you're looking for anything else you want a PDF for, you can get one from AO3 from now on.

Summary: An attempted home invasion puts the team on the trail of an alien sleeper cell intent on invasion, and Gwen gets a lesson on what it means to be human.

Chapter Twelve  (Livejournal)  (Dreamwidth)  Link to story on AO3 Here for PDF


The Heart & Soul

Title: The Heart & Soul
Author: saar_fantasy
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters used in this fic. The words and plot of the story are mine. Completely fabricated for fun.
Summary: post-CoE. Jack thinks back one night and realizes he was wrong about 1 thing. (kind of a twist at the end, but not a fix-it)

Sorry for ugly link, but my laptop refuses to work properly.

Read here:

The Art of Far and Near

Title: The Art of Far and Near
Rating: T

Word count: ~2,000 (complete)
Warnings: Kind of spoilers up to Cyberwoman? Angst, blood, magic, and too little world-building.
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are the property of their respective owners.
Summary: Twelve steps to immortality: this is the pinnacle of alchemy, of all alchemists. Ianto has reached final goal, and all he feels is empty.