November 25th, 2012

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Title: Half-Life
Rating: G
Warnings (including spoilers): None
Wordcount: 1,570 words
Author’s note: Written for the comment-fic prompt ‘East of the Sun and West of the Moon set-up. Every night Character A goes home and eats the dinner that's been laid out for them, watches tv, takes a shower, puts on a blindfold, and goes to bed. Then Character B climbs in next to them. They've been married for years and Character A has never seen Character B's face, because of some unspecified curse. How things turn out is up to the author, I just love this fairy tale.’
Summary: Ianto returns to a dark flat every day and hopes that his husband will be there.
Star Wars: Leia w/ Crown

Letting Go [1/1]

Title Letting Go [1/1]
Author hanorganaas
Rating PG
Pairing Jack/Ianto impled Ianto/Lisa
Summary Ianto comes clean about Lisa without all the drama in Cyberwoman and makes a difficult decison.
Warnings Character Death
Disclaimer I do not own any of the characters in this fic, this event is just a part of my imagination
Notes: Written for tvholics Abed Nadir challenge,
Dedication:This fic is unfortunately inspired by a recent true it was a bit more personal to write, so I write this fic in memory of my friend Sydne, who was taken from us this week.....Sydne I know you didn't watch Torchwood...but I hope you enjoy this fic X3.

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