December 28th, 2012

Phai: look outside tent

Two remarkable men

TITLE: Two remarkable men.
CHARACTERS: you will discover at the very end.
CATEGORY: AU crossover.
DISCLAMER: I don’t know the people involved, no harm intended, everything is product of my imagination, but I wouldn’t mind sharing my life with the blue eyed god.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: My mother tongue is Spanish and I work without a beta so all the mistakes are mine. I do not write much about TW so sorry in advance for any mistakes.
FEEDBACK: comments are love! any kind of them will help me to improve my writing or leave it forever.

This is for toshiani007 on her birthday! hope you have a wonderful day, hon!

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Ianto Little Smile

AFT: Jack & Ianto's Christmas Dinner and The Christmas Party

Here are two bits of Action Figure Theatre I've created. They're my first attempts, so nothing much happens...

Title: Jack & Ianto's Christmas Dinner and The Christmas Party
Author:  badly_knitted
Characters: Jacks, Iantos and Nosy
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Torchwood is not mine. I only own the action figures. And Nosy.

Jack & Ianto's Christmas Dinner  

The Christmas Party  


Fic : Unplanned Parenthood Chapter 11

Title : Unplanned Parenthood
Author: Angstosaur

Contains: Sex, swearing, mpreg, angst, crack and cliffhangers. For adults only.

Setting: Season 2, a few months after Jack’s return from The Year That Never Was, Owen is still breathing and Gwen is still unmarried.

Disclaimer: Torchwood still belongs to the BBC and other people who wouldn’t approve of this at all.

A/N: This is an extended version of the fic originally posted as 'WTF?'

Chapter 11