February 18th, 2013


[FIC]Into the Storm - R - Pro+1/6+epi

Title: Into the Storm
Series: Sempiternitas
Author: jenexell 
Pairings and Characters:Series will eventually be Jack/Ianto. This part: Ianto. Full team circa 2004 (e.g, Suzie not Gwen)
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: If this was real, I wouldn't share. As its not, I'm sharing with no personal gain or profit, other than perhaps to feed my attention whore complex. non-recognisable elements are mine! plagiarists will be eaten alive weasels. Much information has been gleaned from the show (obviously), Dr Who eps, various Wiki's, other internet sources and my font of all Dr Wjo knowledge ttfan . I have not read the books, so if something was mentioned in a book, but not on TV, I probably won't have it.
Distribution: My Journal (jenexell), and quite a few other places too. (attention whore complex). If you want it, link back to here, don't steal its naughty.
Warnings: Some strong language, medical stuff (nothing too complicated or graphic I'm a woodwork teacher not a surgeon) violence. use of guns. (so basically all the warnings for Torchwood).
Spoilers: Everything and nothing. Set pre-series, so may make reference to things mentioned in the show, but not the content of actual eps.AU from 2004 onwards.

Summary: The twenty-first century is when it all changes, and for one student on a trip home in July 2004, it all did.

Author's Note: This is my first Foray into Torchwood Fic. Be kind lol.

( Prologue )
( Part 1 )
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Beer: Because Bad Ideas Seem Like Good Ideas the More You Drink

Title:Beer: Because Bad Ideas Seem Like Good Ideas the More You Drink
Summary: Continuation of the escapades of a drunk Ianto. Things go from bad to worse for the dynamic duo.
Characters: Ianto/Jack and a surprise visitor at the end.
Rating: R-ish
Warnings: Drunk shenanigans.
Notes: A follow-up to Beer: The Cure All. Please forgive any craziness as a good bit of this was written when I had a fever and the boys tend to do funny things as a result.