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Fic: More, less, no success

Title: More, less, no success
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: Pg-15/T
Summary: Post Something Borrowed. Ianto realizes he wants more and that Jack can't just can't give it to him. He breaks it off with Jack who is initially cold, when he starts flirting with him again Ianto doesn't know what to do.
Disclaimer: Don't own it, BBC does.

A.N.: First post here, hope it comes off right! Please review and tell me how it goes! I hope it isn’t very angsty. I’m trying not to be. There isn’t going to be a load of angst in this story, I don’t do angst well and too much angst borders on ridiculous in my opinion. I’m not writing a Gothic romance after all! Hope it’s going that way at least, the non-Gothic route not the other way!

Also, if you have any complaints or suggestions for the story, please tell me in your review. I may not use them but it does help shape the story other than my outline with feed back.

Chapters: Chapter 1 ,Chapter 2, Chapter 3
Tags: fanfic

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