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Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Familiarity Breeds Contempt---Chapter Nine of Eleven (with Interludes)
Author-- [info]alex_annn
Characters-Torchwood team, Cthulhu, Jack the Ripper, PC Andy, a certain writer, OC
Setting-Early season two
Beta--my brilliant husband
Story begins HERE
Summary-What does Cuthulu have in common with Jack the Ripper? What could lead Ianto to shoot an innocent bystander? What secrets from Jack's past have come back to haunt him? Torchwood needs to find out before Cardiff is torn apart.

Author's Note-This story came about because of some wonderful friends of mine in my Doctor Who fanclub. They met up generated scenarios based on 8 prompts. It was my job to weave them into a cohesive story. So here it is, my first Torchwood serial. I will post every other day real life willing.

Author's Note 2-Please forgive me if the posting of the next two chapters is a bit erratic. I am preparing for massive amounts of travel. Thanks so much for sticking with me.

( Chapter Nine )

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