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Dear darlin’, please excuse my writings

Funny thing happened to me while you were gone [1/9]

Title: Funny thing happened to me while you were gone [1/9]
Author: lovin_torture
Rating: R -NC17
Pairing: Janto, Ianto/Isaie [Isato], Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys
POV: Ianto
Summary: While Jack was away in the year that never was, getting tortured and planning a way to escape and save the doctor, Ianto remains in the world of Torchwood, trying to ignore every feeling he has for the captain to such a degree that he actually finds an old ‘acquaintance’ to get rid of the urge. Only question is: what Jack will do when he returns and finds his Ianto with someone else?
Disclaimer: The whole concept of Torchwood © the awesomeness that is the BBC, don’t sue because the contents of my bank account is only worth about a third of the amount in European currency. Plot mostly based on fiction…i.e not real. Title © Jennifer Paige
Author Notes: Written for tw_bigbang Comments etc really appreciated. Beta'd by wayoffbase and art by draw_yourworld :D Also...I know this is a Janto Community and I understand if this entry gets deleted but in later parts of the trilogy I'll be writing Janto will become a big part of it as much as Ianto's relationship with the OMC so I thought it would fit here.

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