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Title: Where The End Meets The Start

First time posting here, hope I'm doing it right

Title: Where The End Meets The Start
Author: Glenda
Beta(s): Cath
Artist/Fanmixer: Mella68
Character/Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto, Gwen, The 10th Doctor, Martha, Captain John Hart, OCM
Rating: R for language
Word Count: 34,000+
Warnings: some swearing, some M/M kissing, soilers for all seasons of Torchwood, including COE, the books and audio plays, as well as for all seasons of Doctor Who
Disclaimer: BBC and RTD own Torchwood, I'm just borrowing them for fun
Author's Note(s): Torchwood/Doctor Who Crossover.
Summary: A year after the 4-5-6 and the Earth is in trouble, and Gwen, Martha and the Doctor to the future to find Captain Jack Harkness. But Jack's been busy, after a thousand years he's figured out a plan to get back what he's lost. In a clash of wills between Jack and the Doctor, who is going to win.

Link to Fic: http://www.shadowandsoul.com/glendafic/wheretheendmeetsthestart.htm
Link to Art/Mix:

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