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Multi Fandom Charity: fanfic fanart etc.

This charity is to pay for eye surgery for my friend who has a genetic mutation that causes many health problems throughout her body in her connective tissues called Marfans one of the health problems this causes that negatively affects her life is her lenses moving in her eyes and causing her eyesight to be so bad that she can't see the chalkboard from the front row even with very thick glasses. She has already paid for her left eye but she lacks the funds for her right because she hasn't been working because she has been her mom's caretaker who was dying of cervical cancer, and now that her mom is dead the government took back all the money her mom had in her accounts, and she had to pay back money to financial aid for classes she dropped out of when she found out her mom was about to die. All that happened in a short period of time leaving her with no money for her remaining surgery. This charity is for a very deserving person who has sacrificed her life for her mother and now has been left with nothing. More Info Here

This is a multi fandom auction that has fanfic, fanart, podfic, icons, jewelry, tarot readings, dvd's, food, and anything else you could come up with to offer. You can offer up things, services, or writing and/or bid on things you want.

This is a great opportunity for people in this com to have the all the Jack/Ianto slash prompts they've been desiring fulfilled, or be given good ideas and incentive for your future writing, all for a great cause.

The community is here.
Tags: announcements, fan campaign, fanart, fanfic

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