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A Love Poem

Title: Lost Love
Rating: PG
Summary: I don't think there's a tag for 'poems', so I hope this is allowed. I put it under 'fic' anyway, because I suppose that's sort of right. Just a quick little poemy drabble I wrote to represent Jack's whole 'post-COE grieving process'. A letter to Ianto, despite his current...circumstance. Tear.

I’ve never been too good with words

But at a time like this

I’m hoping that you’ll please excuse

Each rhyme, or line, I miss

So unlike you, my latent love

With that gifted tongue

A tongue that’s oh so talented

(In more so ways than one)

I wanted to apologise

I’ve acted such a fool

Cruelness overcomes me

While I’m seeking to be ‘cool’

He’s gone now, and forgotten

Now don’t worry, I don’t care

He was just a big-space bully

(And you’ve got nicer hair)

Now to my second ‘sorry’

For the way I was with ‘her’

For my actions, I’m repentant

This to you I must confer

We never kissed, we never spooned

At best, a warm embrace

But that is no excuse for me

To flirt around the place

You know now, though, as you did then

I meant it all in fun

There’s Only One for me, my love,

And you’re my Only One

My third and last apology

The one you most deserved;

I never told you that I loved you

Now that seems absurd

I was cocky, I was frightened

I was scared and I was proud

I couldn’t let myself declare

My love for you out loud

But I did, and still I do

Here on forever more

Though to love death is no obstacle

It’s you I’m crying for

Tags: fanfic, fanfic:pg

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