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Plot bunny for sale (free!)

I came up with a great plot for a Janto fic today I'd love to see (or certainly if there's already a fic like this please point the way!). Nice and angsty, I think... (definitely would want a happy ending though). I have almost no time to write these days and I'm working on a couple of things already, so I kinda hope someone might get inspired by this.

I'm assuming Jack wasn't at the battle of Canary Warf (haven't seen that ep of DW). Well, what if Jack was there? And he came across Ianto trying to pull Lisa out of the fire. Knowing she was already beyond saving, he knocked Ianto unconscious or something like that for his own good, and got him out of there. Probably giving Lisa a mercy killing. Ianto does not know that Jack did this.

Flash forward. Maybe Ianto is a member of Torchwood 3, maybe not ..not sure whether he'd try to get hired, or if Jack would hire him to try and help him get over what happened, or maybe he's just back in Cardiff to be near his familiy after the tragedy in London. It would add an interesting dynamic to the team if this Ianto was at the Hub though. Jack is trying to help him heal, feeling rather responsible for him now. This Ianto is dark, maybe even reckless to the point of having a death wish. ( I see a scene where he's playing Russian Roulette. Jack is there, and gives Ianto his own gun to use. Ianto pulls the trigger, luckily the chamber was empty...we find out it's because Jack tricked him, there were no bullets at all in the gun, he just wanted to keep Ianto safe and knew he couldn't stop him from playing the dangerous game). Then we (and Jack) discover that the reason for Ianto being so messed up is guilt -- he blames himself for not saving Lisa. He failed her, he survived and she died. Now Jack has to struggle with a decision -- if he tells Ianto the truth, that it was him who prevented Ianto from getting Lisa out, Ianto will probably hate him. If he doesn't, Ianto will continue to hate himself for it. Cue lots of angst and eventual healing/loving.

Any takers?

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