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NCIS/Torchwood Crossover Home Part 2

Okay, so I'm an idiot. I thought I had posted part 2, but it would seem I haven't. Big L on my forehead. So here we go.

Author: Glenda
Fandom: NCIS/TW crossover
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, DiNozzo/Gibbs, DiNozzo/Ianto.
Disclaimer: I owe neither NCIS or Torchwood. I'm only doing this for fun. I am not making any money.
Thanks to my beta Cath for pointing out my glaring mistakes, and of the small ones are mine alone.
Notes: There is an MPREG in the history. I still haven't completely decided who will end up with whom. So any suggestions are welcomedl
Summary: Jack gets a call from an old friend and ends up in Washington DC where no one is happy to see him.
Rating: Let's say R, not sure if it will get any hotter than bad language and some kissing. But hope springs eternal.

Part 2


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