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Fanvid: Jack/Ianto - Cosmic Love

Hey everyone! So I've been lurking around here for a while, I thought it was about time I made my presence known! And I bring presents!!

Title: Jack/Ianto - Cosmic Love
Creator: hatemail23
Rating: If you can watch all three seasons of Torchwood then you should be fine
Warning: ***SPOILERS FOR COE***
Disclaimer: I own neither the music nor the clips - if I did a few of those clips would not exist *cough* CoE *cough*
Summary: Jack/Ianto relationship through the 3 seasons set to a fantabulous song (I have a massive girl crush on Florence Welch...)

Follow the link to my lj

Also I really want to write something to go with this video but at the moment I'm stuck for ideas and I'm still working on my secret angel Ianto fic. If anyone has any ideas to help me get over my writer's block I would be soo grateful!

comments appreciated... (oh and this is my first time posting to any community so let me know if anything looks dodgy!)
Tags: fanvideos

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