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Jack/Ianto Poems

Your Always

He who you desire
isn't the man you seek
you have gone wrong
in your quest
of hope and truest.
Turn back
go the other way--
before he's gone.
You must give him
eternal life
before you can promise
eternal love
and he'll love you forever--
whether you let it be
or yours.
It's up to you now,
you must make things right
he's there for you
from now
until then.
You can make
it happen
or you can
let it go,
but don't forget
his eternal love
for you
for he's your always.

The Tarot Girl's Prophecy

You will find what you desire
from the man you may not seek
for but one condition,
assigned to love and trust;
immortality is the key
to feed the desire
hidden in thee.

The Lone Man

What is his name
The lone man,
Lost without love
Who once was a good man
He lived
He loved
And felt,
But now
He feels nothing
Nothing at all
No love
No joy
No hope,
Only guilt,
And sorrow,
And he can’t see
Not you
Or me;
He’s lost.

The Captain and His Tea boy

I can see them;
The captain and his tea boy.
I can hear them;
The mortal and the fearless man.
I can feel them;
The hurt and the comfort.
I can smell them;
The coffee and the emotions.
And I know who they are;

The captain and his tea boy.

What Does He Believe?

Does he ask?
Does the captain answer?
Does he wonder?
Does he get answers?
Does he dream?
Does he believe?

What does he believe?
What does he wonder?
What will happen?
What will he do?

What Does He See?

What does he see?
A tea boy?
Something more?
Just a man in a suit?
Someone to love?
Anything more?

What does he see?
Just a tea boy?
Is that all he sees?
Is there anything more?
What does he see?
‘Cause all I see is me.

And Then There Was One

Listen to me
Or all will go wrong.
Events will happen,
Too horrible to speak of.

The Asian who loves the walking man,
Will take a bullet
From the lost traveler’s kin.

And then there were four.

The walking dead man,
Who’s lost so much,
Will die again,
And be reduced to dust.
And then there were three.

The long lost lover
who’s lived through so much,
Will die in the arms of the man he loves.

He will whisper three words
To the man who can’t return them
And ask a question
That can’t be answered.

He will leave the world
With a promise to be kept;
With the thought to remember him
Long after death.
And then there were two.

Which will leave the immoral,
With a heart broken beyond repair
And the police woman,
With a loyal husband.

A broken man
With no longer a will to live,
And a loving couple
Ready to start a family.

Different outcomes
But the same disaster.
Both constructed
By a tragedy.


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