Laligin Tashika (laligin) wrote in jackxianto,
Laligin Tashika

Jantolution's biggest ever challenge is up and running...

jantolution is now running a fanfic amnesty challenge! In other words, every Jantolution challenge has been reopened!

There are 90 prompts in total, and the deadline is on Sunday the 31st of January. Anything from a drabble to an epic can count, just as long as you've got some Jack/Ianto in there somewhere, the vaguest of vague references to any of the prompts (and since the first prompt is the category of "general", anything goes), and a happy ending. :) All participants will receive a banner.

For more information, and a complete list of prompts, check out our Challenge Post.

Yours, with love,
Jantolution (where Jack/Ianto is the solution to everything...)
Tags: challenges, fanfic, fanfic: request

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