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Fic: Three In A Bed

Title: Three In A Bed
Author: remuslives23
Rating: PG15
Pairing: Jack/Ianto. Vague Gwen/Rhys.
Word Count: 2191
Summary: There are three people in Jack and Ianto's bed, and Ianto has had enough.
Notes/Warnings: lover100 prompt 027: threesome. I don't really think I've grasped the concept of a 'drabble'. Spoilers for 'Something Borrowed'. Language, bit of angst, bit of fluff.

Disclaimer: The Torchwood characters and universe belong to Russel T Davies, the BBC and affiliates. No money is made from this work of fan fiction, and no offence is intended. All characters are of age for sexual situations.

Three In A Bed
Tags: fanfic

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