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A Winters Tale

Title: A Winters Tale
Author: Mellyjane40
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Spoilers: None this is an AU story but has a feel of season one.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood characters they belong to RTD and the BBC
Summary: Ianto provides Jack with some rooftop company just before Christmas. Just to say I know this may one on a variation of stories where Jack/Ianto are on the rooftop and on the h/c theme, but this story came to me just as I thought my Torchwood muse was dead and I hope you like it. As ever for vix24 and vix24. Have used spelling and gramma check any other mistakes please for give a dyslexic writer.

It was those clear nights in December, the type when the moon was full and cast its benevolent glow over the city of Cardiff. To Jack, the weeks before Christmas, never changed; from long skirts and top hats to the long latest fashions; people still scurried through the high streets looking for that special present.

“It’s quiet an sight isn’t it?”

At the sound of the familiar Welsh tones, Jack turned round.

“Who else would climb up fifteen flights of stairs carrying coffee?” Ianto looked down at his cardboard tray from Starbucks with two giant cups of coffee. “Not my own. But I thought you could do with one and I need one of these.”

“How did you know I was here?” Jack took the coffee and sniffed it appreciatively.

“This is one of the places you go to when you want to be alone. And, the SUV was parked in the side street.”

Jack took a sip of the coffee and for a moment the lights of Cardiff shone a little too brightly.

“She was so young,” he said a little shakily. “Sometimes they’re so young.”

“They are,” Ianto agreed sitting down on a wall surrounding an air duct and taking a swig of coffee. “But, we also saved so many today.”

“We did,” Jack agreed sitting down next to the youngest team member. “I know you’ll have dealt with the clearing up.” He looked at a bloodstain on the right leg of the navy wool pin stripped suite. “Please tell me that isn’t your blood?”

“No, but it was a vicious bugger…” Ianto stopped at the sight of the blue eyes of Jack had dimmed and his lips where shaking. “Sir is there any thing wrong?”

“I’m sorry,” Jack, said a little shakily as he got to his feet and walked over to the ledge. “I can get a little maudlin at this time of year.”

“That’s a word I haven’t heard since my dad died.” Ianto replied as he got to his feet and came to stand next to his boss. “You weren’t going to jump were you?” He added dryly. “You’ve tried before and you know it doesn’t ease the pain. I’m the one who patches you up again.”

Jack gave a hollow laugh.

“No, and your getting kinda of smart of patching me up.” He smiled fondly at Ianto. “But, this place, up here, is kind of an anchor, reminding me why I’ve stayed for so long.” Jack paused and looked at the beauty of Cardiff bathed in moonlight.

He turned and smiled at the earnest handsome feature of his youngest team member. “You are right, Ianto Jones, we saved so many today.”

“You know…” Ianto finished his coffee and placed it on the ledge. “We could get maudlin together. I don’t have to be any where tonight.”

Jack stared at him in surprise.

“Why do you want to get maudlin? Christmas for you should be about going out getting pissed and having a hangover on Christmas Day”

Ianto gave a sigh and a shudder and smoothed down his winter coat.

“I believe you’re confusing me with Owen, sir.”

Jack laughed for the first time that evening and put his cup down and sat down on the floor.

“How about we sit here for a while, enjoy the lights, then we’ll head back to the hub and have some real coffee.”

“I’ve got some leftovers of the Indian takeaway we had in the board room the other day.” Ianto offered sitting down beside Jack and trying hard not to mind too much about sitting on the cold concrete floor.

Jack looked fondly down at the younger man; it was on days like these he was grateful he’d made the choice to give Ianto a second chance. Tonight he could have gone out to a bar, got drunk, had sex, or wandered around the hub, wallowing in misery at yet another wasted life. But, tonight he’d been offered something rare, company with out any demands or explanations for his sombre mood. He smiled as he noticed Ianto trying not to shiver in the cold and stuffing his hands in his pockets to keep them warm. Jack peeled off his army leather gloves and handed them to his companion. Then, he drew Ianto a little closer than was necessary and threw an arm around his shoulder.

“How about a winter’s tale? Did I ever tell you that I was in the trenches during the Christmas truce of Christmas 1914?”

“No,” Ianto looked down at his hands ensconced in Jack’s gloves and decided it was worth enduring the cold, just to enjoy their warmth and a sense of being needed he hadn’t felt in a while. “It isn’t recorded in the archives. Tell me more.”

“Well it was just as cold and clear as it is tonight….”

As Jack began his story Ianto began to relax enjoying the bodily heat of the Captain and decided perhaps it wasn’t bad enough being up on the roof. Cardiff was, as ever, putting on a show. The Christmas lights entwined with the shop lights, cast a festive glow across the city.

The End

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