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And Somehow It Feels Like Heaven- More Janto Poems

Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or it's characters. 
Spoilers: Children of Earth, if you look hard.
A/N: Poem # 2 isn't exactly about Jack/Ianto but it was inspired by the scene where Ianto says '...captured on film forever' in Out of the Rain.

And Somehow It Feels Like Heaven

The world stops,
But only for a second
I drift away from my body
My spirit leaves it behind
And somehow it feels like heaven.

All the moments we’ve had,
All the times we’ve shared.
Every time I’ve seen you smile,
Every time I’ve heard you laugh.
All that life
All that joy
Showing in your eyes
I wish I could
See it once more
But it’s no longer there,
Only a memory
That won’t be soon to fade
But will soon become painful
And somehow it feels like heaven.

All the times I’ve made you cry
All the hardships
I haven’t been there for
All the chances
To confess my love
And now it’s time
To say goodbye
And somehow it feels like heaven.

I’m not ready
But I am
To face this world
Without you
And somehow it feels like heaven.

I wish I could
Die along with you
But we both know
This is the end
But I know I’m not in heaven anymore.

Captured On Film

A moment in time--
Captured forever
Displaying emotions
As well as revealing them.
A picture Can be nothing
As well as everything
All they are
Are moments in time,
Nothing more
Nothing less,
Just a memory
Captured in time

I know heaven,
I know hell
And I know
This isn’t either.

I know life,
I know death
And I know
This isn’t either.

I know right,
I know wrong
And I know I’m not either.

I know love,
I know hatred
And I know
I’ve endured both.

I know comfort,
I know suffering
But I don’t know which I deserve.

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