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Two fics!

Title: Four Times Gwen Saw Jack Naked (And One Time She Didn't)
Rating: 15 -all of my fics are rated 15 I think...
Characters/ Pairings: Everyone in the team; Jack/Ianto, Teeny bit of onesided Jack/Gwen and Ianto/Gwen but hell, who wouldn't be attracted to those two men?
Summary: What it says on the tin
A/N: I think this has been done before. I just don't remember who wrote it. But this idea hit me during the flight to Thailand and wouldn't leave. If it's too much like one I may have read, sorry! Didn't mean to rip anyone off! Oh and unbeta'd so all mistakes are mine.
A/N if you read That Great Love Sound: This is an offering for waiting patiently! I have the next chapter almost finished and it will be posted soon! Promise!!
Spoilers: Sprinkling of spoilers for the first season

Title: Debriefing
Genre: Humour
Rating: 15 for nudity
Characters/ Pairings: Owen, Jack, a hotel bellboy, mentions of the rest of the team; Jack/Ianto implied, Owen/Jack implied (but not really)
Summary: In which Owen's breaks a hotel DVD player and Jack inadvertently harasses a hotel guest.
A/N: This idea is from one of Dara O'Brien's stories. So I KNOW that the story is his and no infringement intended. Also, posted this a while ago on and wasnt sure if I was allowed to I decided to go ahead.
A/N2: No beta, all mistakes are mine
Disclaimer: These characters and the main story line belong to the BBC and Dara O'Brien respectively. No copyright infringement intended
Tags: fanfic

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