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Detach Me

Title: Detach Me
Characters: Jack/Ianto(kind of)
Summary : Fact is that Jack hasn't spoken at all since Ianto found him sitting like that at the table...
Genre: angst
Rating: hard R
Warnings:strong sexual content, messed up boys and definitely nothing to read when in dire need of fluff.
Spoilers: post-'Cyberwoman' so spoilers up to that episode possible
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs not to me but RTD and the BBC, I don't get money for any of this.
Author's notes: This is the wholly unplanned post-cyberwoman sequel to my fic pair Absolute Denial/Flux. You don't need to read the prior ones to understand this fic which acts as a standalone in its own right. All you need to know is that Ianto had sex with Jack before the events of 'Cyberwoman'.
A/N2: Like the other two this fic is divided into Ianto's and Jack's point of view, second is linked at the bottom of the first one.
Tags: fanfic

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