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Fic - Lazarus 1/?

So, I decided to write a long fic. I'm going to post the prologue now,  but I would really, really love if someone could beta it for me before I post any more chapters.
So read it and please tell me what you think.
If you'd like to help me, let me know by comment of private message. I'd really, really appreciate it!
Thank you guys!
Happy New Year in advance! \o/

Title: Lazarus (Prologue) (Working title, might change in the future)
Rating: PG (so far. Might get higher and the subsequent chapters) 
Pairing/Characters: Ianto; Jack; Gwen (if someone else pop in, I'll let you know); Jack/Ianto and there probably will be mentions of Gwen/Rhys
Genre: General so far, but maybe romance eventually? It is after all a Janto fic
Warning: None
Mentions of Children of Earth, but nothing especific, except Ianto's death, but I don't consider it a fix it fic; at least not yet. 
Sadly, they are not mine. I'd never kill Ianto and ruin the best cannon shipper ever!
English is not my first language and I have no beta, so forgive any mistakes.

Summary: Nine months after Thames House and Ianto wakes up from death.
Tags: beta:wanted, fanfic, fanfic:pg, help

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