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Blue Lizard chapter 16

Title:  Blue Lizard  part 16 (WIP)
Author: Morgia
Rating: Mature, Adult  AU (very adult subject, sex  m/m w/w m/w and torture)
Genre: AU Thriller
Summary:  Everybody has secrets, sometime they wait in the shadow the good moment for taking the revenge.........
Chapter summary:  Where John reveals why he wants revenge and Ianto meets an old friend......
Pairings: Jack,/Ianto, team,Suzie, John Hart, OC, really different pairing, don't want to tell all the good suspence..... lol
Warnings: mature subject and bad words, mention of sex
Spoilers: no, its a AU series
Authors Notes:Ok, this is my first time in the world of the AU. My fabulous, gorgeous and so talented beta told me is was all right. I trust her. I'm a French Canadian, if you think my written style is weird, that the cause. 
Disclaimer:Torchwood and Dr. Who belong to RTD and the BBC.
Beta: The delicious [info]just_being_me08     she 's soooo fabulous!!!! merci ma chérie!!!!!!!!

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