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Fic - Trains, balloons and coffee beans

Title: Trains, balloons and coffee beans (or 1,920 hours to circumnavigate the globe)

Author: choccy_grl

Characters: Jack, Tosh, Ianto & other sundry TW/DW characters popping up from time to time

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Warning: death of minor characters, a little angst and a small amount of cross dressing

Rating: nc-17

Word count: 48,000+

Written for reel_torchwood 

Prompt: Around the World in 80 days

Beta: bookwrm89 - Thank you

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood or Around the World in 80 days, they belong to other people.

AN: Completely AU, no aliens, no Torchwood, so no spoilers


Due to the length this story is currently only available as a pdf, if you would be interested in it being posted direct to live journal please leave me a comment in the post.

If you read and enjoy this story please leave a comment, I know when you download a story sometimes it is easy to forget but any comments are always appreciated.


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