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Fic: Returning Home

Hi, all! I come bearing fic for the joys of today's DW.

Title: Returning Home
Author: Yours truly! Ginger (gingerbreadlass).
Rating: U (for all!)
Warnings: Shameless fixit!fic with a good deal of denial thrown in. Very mild Ten bashing.
Spoilers: CoE Day 4, The End of Time
Disclaimer: This lot aren't mine - they are the BBC's playthings. If they were mine, I wouldn't even have to write this, because Ianto would never have died in the first place.
A/N: If you can guess which book is quoted, I'll... congratulate you but be mildly worried at the same time. Concrit gladly accepted, though I am feeling mildly fragile at the moment. Much thanks to queenfanfiction for giving me the guts to post this.

Returning Home

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