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Trains, balloons and coffee beans - part 1 & 2

This is not new fic (sorry) but some people have requested that my latest story, that was only available as a pdf, be posted direct to lj, so that is what I am doing (sorry to my flist.)  It will be posted in parts over the next few days

Title: Trains, balloons and coffee beans (or 1,920 hours to circumnavigate the globe)

Part 1 (of 10?)
Part 2
Characters: Jack, Tosh, Ianto & other sundry TW/DW characters popping up from time to time

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Warning: death of minor characters, a little angst

Rating: pg to nc-17 (these parts pg)

Total word count: 48,000+

Written for reel_torchwood
Prompt: Around the World in 80 days
Beta: bookwrm89
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood or Around the World in 80 days, they belong to other people.
AN: Completely AU, no aliens, no Torchwood, so no spoilers


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